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What is going on People? welcome back guys to this new PUBG Article in this Post I’m going to show you the locations where you can find the art of RPD Police Station raccoon Police Department, Where is RPD Building in PUBG Mobile. the secret location on PUBG mobile this location is called the racoon Police Department and this is a recently added feature in the PUBG mobile upgraded and we can find some secret weapons inside this building. so this is the building which has been introduced only in the zombie events earlier in the beta so the recruit police station it was the waiting Lobby but after that, it has been removed you don’t have any idea that where this is going to get a spawn in this movie. 

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Where is RPD building in PUBG Map

where is rpd building in pubg map?: I’m going to show you through locations and those are the Two locations where definitely this raccoon police station Department is going to spawn. if you ask me why you want to go in there? I mean it’s a pretty interesting building to go in and when you go in there is a monster or a boss kind of a thing which is G Stage one so that’s the monster and when you kill him you get a really nice amount of loot, so yeah…! it’s definitely worth it to go but as I told you it’s also risky so there are a lot of normal zombies

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What is the Full form of RPD in PUBG?

If you don’t know before What is RPD in PUBG then We let you know that the Full form of RPD is ” Raccoon City Police Department”. Rackon City Police Department in PUBG is the center of zombie activity. Waling dead can be found in their haunted halls, as a special big zombie boss ready to attack you. Killing different zombies will be the same reward as always. 

Resident Evil 2 Creates New Battle Royale Mode

Resident Evil 2 in PUBG: PUBG Mobile brings long-awaited Resident Evil 2 with Cooper. The new update brings many improvements, including new weapons, skins, and most importantly much-anticipated zombies. The update is already available to users on both Android and iOS, and if you want to see a new gameplay

Where is RPD building in PUBG Zombie Mode?

The RPD House is full of Zombies and Walking dead peoples are ready to kill you any time. This RPD Hous is only available in Erangel map of Zombie mode. The Location for the RBD building in PUBG is not fixed at any one particular place. Here the some of the spot where you can find the Hous of RPD in Zombie mode of PUBG.

RPD House Location in PUBG Game in 3 Places.

Normally this RPD Building does not appear at every time you play this game, It will appear in Random order. This location May appear in one match and not in another, but here you will get 70% of accuracy where you can get RPD house.  So Let’s Start. 

FIRST: The First location is Between the Mansion and the Shelter. From the map, you are not able to see the House, No Problem Just Jump and when you reach near to the RPD Building you can see it. Give this building a try go with your score over there and have some fun. You can find the place on the map given below. 

SECOND: Another second place is located in near to the Yasnaya Polyana, I found this location while playing and maybe you can also able to see RPD in this location. 

THIRD: Another Possible location is near to the School, If you land on this location there are more possibilities to get RPD House. Sometimes you can not see in this location but most of the time you will get the RPD location here. 70% of chances that you can get the RPD House near the school.  

What’s new in the updated version?

Here are lots of cool new features added in the updated version, and you will really going to enjoy by playing the game with new monsters in the zombie mode. Some of the New amazing features following below.


  • Added Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, a new time-limited event mode
  • where players fight zombies and bosses from Resident Evil 2.
  • Added weather: Moonlight to Vikendi.
  • Added player Spaces.
  • Added Resident Evil 2 main menu theme and music.
  • Sanhok is now available in Arcade – Quick Match.

Misc Improvements

  • Past results are now kept up to 1 month only.
  • Fixed terrain display bugs for budget devices.

Tips for fighting with zombies.

If you want to go inside just take a gun from outside that house in the corner there will be a gun there because sometimes you don’t find a gun inside.

if you didn’t find the gun run outside to get the gun so just a little bit of tip if you want to know to fight the zombies right away because the zombies here are actually police zombies.

they are not normal that you can kill by one headshot of a shotgun soul and it was hard to fight with a big zombie. 

Final words.

In this article, we are talking about where is rpd building in pubg, where is the rpd building in pubg, RPD location in PUBG mobile, resident evil 2 in pubg. I hope you will like this post, Keep sharing with your friends and let them know this simple trick to get RPD House location easily. 

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