Voter List Name 2019 | Election Commission of India Voters List

voter list name 2019, election commission of india voters list

You are Reading Myinfomaniya friends, in today’s Article, I am going to tell you that How you can check your Voter id Details, Election Poll booth and Election Commission of India Voter list 2019. If you are finding the election poll booth near me then read this completely. So let’s begin.

How to check Voter ID Online from Android mobile?

The Election Commission has digitized its platform considering the election of the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha and they have launched a mobile app for check election commission of India voters list. You can download and use it form the Play Store of your mobile and all the services provided in it, whatever is their official website, all the things that are related to it You can also get it in your mobile as voter list name 2019 if you can add a name to your voter ID. If needed, then your voter can make some improvements in the ID.

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There is an online form, you can go to step by step and make an appeal very easy by sitting at home voter list name 2019. Now you can use the related item with your voter ID, so what are friends, how will the application works and how to download it and how to use it. you can put to use a mobile app how can download and what let’s go to voter id search by name.

How to Know Voter list name 2019 on Mobile?

Friends, after you open your Play Store, just doing the search NVSP and press the search button and after doing it, Just scroll down to get real NVSP Application. 

Then you will be able to find an App Voter Helpline or Simply Click Here. You can download it and install in your mobile, Open the Voter Helpline Application to ap voter list name search.

Voter List Name 2019 | Election Commission of India Voters List

Below you can see the Interface of this Voter Helpline Application, Now you can able to see lots of options tabs inside the Interface.

The first option you can see the search option, by clicking here you can search your voter details by entering your names. you can search by searching quick search details. You can also search by entering the number of the Voter ID If you have voter ID already.

Voter List Name 2019 | Election Commission of India Voters List

Let me show you a demo.


Search by details you can enter the details of your voter id like the name of the person, Father or husband name, age, Gender, State, District, and constituency.

See here a lot If all the details will be given then you have to identify that whatever your details are, it is written, clearly, what is your name, what is it gender What is your Father’s name? What is the name of your assembly? Your Poling station, Your serial number. With your complete map, you have been given here.

Voter List Name 2019 | Election Commission of India Voters List


If you have your voter id then you can use the second tab option, Just enter your existing Voter id numbers. It is so good that you There will be no problem of type, so friends were saying that if you have voter ID and want to search for yourself then you can also come by this number and name

Voter List Name 2019 | Election Commission of India Voters List


After this, let me click on the voter option here, why do you have so many things here that what the voter id is, what type is your voter ID, what do you have to do after 18 years? How to delete how you will get a voter slip? How do you get a voter card? What is the polling booth?
The answer to every question that has been given here, you can step by step.

Voter List Name 2019 | Election Commission of India Voters List

FORM Menu: Features of Voter Helpline Application.

After this here is a Form named Manu which will click on you, you will get a list of many services from here,

  • like if you have to apply the voter ID, then you can apply new.
  • You have to transfer shifting so you can transfer and posting.
  • You can do if your voter ID has become more than one of your mistakes by wrong information, then you can delete it.
  • You can make your voter ID correction or The position you have to transfer is as you get from one district to another,
  • what happens to who has been given to you. You can fix your account here,
  • you can fill up the form. It is very easy to see that you have to apply the voter ID form 6 For the new you will see here the state will suit the country’s function and you will do your consequences.
Voter List Name 2019 | Election Commission of India Voters List
Voter List Name 2019 | Election Commission of India Voters List


If you have some complaint, then by entering your mobile number here, put OTP and then make a complaint and you can complain about your problems.

Voter List Name 2019 | Election Commission of India Voters List


Here EVM is told about how it is used, how many videos you get You can see here. Then you will be told about the elections. Current Election is going to come. past election detail, what time is it, how you have to give an election Regarding the result that the election has passed, the whole of which you will see Step by Step Answer about election commission of India voters list.

If you open this mobile app then you will understand How to check voter list name 2019 who has given a lot of who is for you and you have a lot. It’s easy to make you sit at home You can apply your voter ID, so how did your friends feel? Please tell me this article in the comment box and if you like this article, please Like you do your friends too Share so they could help friends Thank you very much to see this article.

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