PUBG Lite Open Beta|Download PUBG Lite For PC|Release In India

Hello Guys! Have you been waiting on to play PUBG Lite For PC for long? We have enriching news. PUBG Corp has been as of now testing a form of the recreation which is slate to deal with low-end PCs as well. Called PUBG Lite Open Beta, the Video game is clearly for the individuals who have brought down spec equipment on their PC.

Despite the fact that the PUBG Lite is as of now being tried in Thailand, a post made by the Game designers have expressed that the PUBG Lite For PC will make it to different nations too. PUBG Corp has not yet given a particular time span to dispatch the PUBG Lite outside of Thailand similarly up ’til now. In any case, it appears to be cool that PUBG Corp is taking a shot at a diversion form explicitly for frameworks with sufficient or not exactly satisfactory equipment. This move will permit clients who have spending PCs to play the game subsequently making the diversion progressively open.

Download PUBG Lite For PC

The blog expressed by engineers that PUBG Lite For PC went live on January 10, 2019, in Thailand. The organization expressed that PUBG’s Steam version needs top of the line illustration and other equipment to play and that PUBG Lite is for the individuals who don’t have that sort of equipment.

The best part about this news is that PUBG Lite won’t be a paid application. The allowed to-play application being available that implies it brings down the passage obstruction and is fundamentally one of the real reasons why PUBG Mobile is so generally effective.

PUBG Lite For PC Download Free

The real thing left currently is designs and interactivity. The post toward the end specifies that despite the fact that PUBG Lite has been made for low-end equipment, the ongoing interaction on PUBG Lite is in the same class as PUBG on Steam. Posted in a blog string dated January 24, the engineers have reported that PUBG Lite is open for download in Thailand.

PUBG PC LITE is currently accessible as Open Beta however just for Thailand. What’s more, Today in this article we will tell you the best way to download and play this diversion on the off chance that you are not in Thailand.

How to Download PUBG Lite Game for PC Free

  1. Go To and Click Download the Given Link. Use Google Chrome with the goal that you can make an interpretation of Thai to English
  2. Presently you have to apply for an ID, tap on the Apply for ID on the Top Right Corner and Fill up your subtleties. Ensure you put the right email address here as you will get an affirmation email.
  3. Introduce the Client and Open the PUBG Lite Game
  4. Login with the ID and secret key which you have made in Step 2.
  5. It will require some time to log in so don’t close the window, Now tap the Update catch which is in Orange base Left.
  6. This will begin Downloading the Game, the Size of the diversion is 1.9GB and you have to keep yourself associated with Thai VPN Server else it won’t let you download the Game.
  7. Once Downloaded, the last advance is to change the timezone of your PC to Bangkok(Thailand) Timezone.
  8. Presently you can Enjoy, PUBG LITE PC form for Free on your PC

PUBG Lite Open Beta Features



ERANGEL is an island that has been consoled to be situated operating at a profit Sea during the 1950s. Which is the reason there are an army installation And medical clinics, including different stockrooms on this guide

This guide is 8 × 8 km in size. There are different situations, for example, Nuclear power plants, army installations, when overwhelmed, bogs and mountains


MIRAMAR is a tremendous desert that is inverse to Erangel, which is loaded with grass and woodland. Along these lines, the landscape is sand rises, parched fields, and oil penetrating regions Most territories are open and the city is packed in different focuses.

Training MODE

The training mode is another 2 × 2 km outline is accessible for 5 to 20 players to rehearse all issues identified with PUBG, from driving with different kinds of vehicles in diversions on streets around the island.

Keyboard Shortcuts of playing PUBG Lite-On Pc

PUBG Lite For PC Download India

It really is great at PUBG game is endeavoring to make the fight royale diversion progressively available to players. Recently Pubg has been banned in Gujarat. However at this point, its increasingly essential to see of the game will make it to the Indian market. PUBG had likewise propelled the PUBG Mobile Lite in the Philippines so as to make the diversion increasingly available to proprietors on low-end Android cell phones. Currently, PUBG Lite for India is not available You have to wait a few days to launch in India. 

PUBG Lite For India Release Date

Presently, the PUBG Lite For PC Download Free is accessible just in the Philippines, with a few reports proposing that it will advance toward India not long from now. Be that as it may, Tencent Games has not declared an official discharge date for the diversion. see also Vikendia Map in Pubg Game.

Mr. Aneesh Aravind, General Manager of Tencent Games India stated, “We are as of now trying out the LITE adaptation of PUBG Mobile and advancing it for Indian systems and gadgets; post fruitful testing we will discharge it in India sooner rather than later.”

PUBG PC Lite System Requirements

PUBG Lite will be a free amusement, with its very own improvement group and substance creation stream, and will bolster solo, team, and squad play in third-individual point of view. Beta players will do fight on Erangel, the first PUBG outline, more “maps and substance commonplace to PUBG players” will be included eventually not far off. For the time being, the beta is just accessible in Thailand, however accepting it goes sensibly easily I would anticipate that that market should expand in the generally not so distant future.

The minimum specs for PUBG Lite are as follows:

Windows 7, 8, or 10 64bit
Intel Core i3 2.4GHz
Intel HD Graphics 4000
4GB disk space

Here are the recommended specs for PUBG Lite:

Windows 7, 8, or 10 64bit
Intel Core i5 2.8GHz
AMD Radeon HD7870 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
4GB disk space

Final words

On the off chance that you are eager to experiment with PUBG LITE on your ordinary workstation or work area, you should pause. PUBG LITE is in Beta test and is confined to Thailand starting at now. Be that as it may, one can utilize a VPN to experiment with the diversion.

The designer has given out the base framework prerequisites for PUBG LITE and by its looks, it will effectively keep running on most spending workstations under Rs 30,000 without any difficulty.

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