The new limited character “Watatsumi” appeared in “Fierce · Beast God Festival”

The XFLAG Studio (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President, and CEO: Hiroyuki Kimura) of Mickey Corporation announced that the XFLAG studio will be released on Sunday, we announce that the new limited character “Watatsumi” will appear for the first time in “God Festival”.

Apart from this, in the commemoration of the first presentation of “Watatsumi” from 7th March (Thursday), we will organize a “celebrated campaign” (celebrated campaign) where pictures of Christian Lassen will be honored.

To celebrate the first appearance of “Watatsumi”, when I hear the voice “Watatsumi room” released on Thursday, 7 March (Thursday) today at 17:00 a special site and “Watatsumi Special Movie” Twitter

Who is “Watatsumi”

A child of “Izanagi” and “Izanami” is a girl with a sea god protecting the sea from ancient times. It is a daily routine to bring sea creatures and go under patrol under water. The water that is protected by “Watatsumi” is quiet for hundreds of millions of years, and ancient creatures are coloring sea level.

Few more information about The new limited character “Watatsumi”

Wear a “campaign that I want to love” which attracts the Okinawa trips by the pictures and lottery of Christian Lassen.

“Watatsumi” will appear in the middle of the month as a new limited character of “Fierce Beast Lord Festival” organized in the middle of the month.

This is a girl of sea god who is the child of ‘Izanagi’ and ‘Izanami’, which protects the peace of the sea from ancient times. Character Voice of “Watatsumi” has been presented by popular voice actor Ai Kahano.

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