Marvel’s Fan’s Ask For An “OSCAR” For Robert Downey.Jr.

Marvel’s Fan’s Ask For An “OSCAR” For Robert Downey.Jr. Because is that as we all know tony stark also known as ironman appeared in a grand total of nine movies of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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But the fans could not help but notice that his work in Avengers End-Game was decisive for the continuation of this story. So people have gone to social networks to announce that the actor deserves a prize from the academy for his heartbreaking interpretation of the character and I totally agree for me there has been nothing more heartbreaking and see the terrible death of Tony Stark.
In talking about Avengers End-game that even with all the power of the United avengers it was not easy to beat so many and all the destiny of the universe was finally reduced to a single key sequence in Avengers end game
The ironman glove with the six stones of infinity was in place Thanos fought against several of our superheroes to get their hands on him when he suddenly arrives at Carol the avenger better known as captain marvel sees with all her strength to hit the great titan being about to dominate the crazy Thanos this one takes the stone out of power and uses it to knock it down.
Is just precisely at that moment Iron man sees the opportunity. if the only opportunity to win this war and thus complete the plan of doctor strange and as the great hero who is without thinking twice jump into the fight and use the armor of nanotechnology to transfer the infinity stones to his suit during makes a snap for contacting the stones with each stone
The tony stark says for the last time the phrase that made iconically “I am ironman” this while snapping his fingers and instead of half of the universe being sacrificed at random as it happened the first time.
Now they are the ones and all their army that end made dust however tony is just a being normal human and in no way as powerful as a hulk or as Thanos they barely managed to survive the power of the stones.
so as soon as tony use the good gauntlet the entire right side of this incredible hero was immediately carbonized which leaves only a few moments for pepper potts war machine and peter parker can say goodbye before dying.
without a doubt to say goodbye to Tony Stark one of the biggest characters in the Marvel cinematic universe left the fans with a broken heart. so they do not see a better way to thank and render tribute to Robert Downey junior for his incredible performance that with an Oscar granted by the academy will be.
that the academy will be of the same opinion as to the fans. What do you think about it? Do you think that the Marvel fans could exert enough pressure to influence and thus be granted? robert Downey junior an Oscar for this work I would love to know your opinion so do not forget to write it in the comment try for the moment this is all I send loving greetings while I go for more myinfomaniya.com

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