Top 10 Marvel Movies That Are Planned After Avengers Endgame

 #10 Dark Phoenix

Although not directly tied to the events of End Game this still is technically a Marvel film that’s being released after End Game, so that’s why it made the list. Set to be released on June 7th, 2019 the film will have the X-Men taking on their greatest foe and friend Jean Grey. The movie will follow the events that took place giving Jean her powers as well as an origin story for her character. However, aliens are attempting to use her power to rule the galaxy so it’s up to the X-Men to save Jean as she battles with friends, aliens and herself.

#9 Venom 2

 The release date is yet to be confirmed the Venom movie from Sony left us wanting so much more with that post credit scene. It teased the possibility of getting a movie with none other than Carnage played by Woody Harrelson. The film surpassed both Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool 2 in the box office which makes this sequel pretty guaranteed. Many are hoping that Tom Hollands Spider-Man will be making an appearance. The film’s director Ruben Fleischer said – This feels very much like Venoms movie. It’s the introduction of the character. As to where it will go in future movies, and who hell run across I can’t say. 

 #8 Morbius

Speaking of Morbius, this would be yet another film created by Sony but remaining true to its Marvel origins. Although that was a fan made trailer it definitely gets us excited about the possibility of Jared Leto taking on the character of Morbius. The release date is believed to be July 31st, 2020 and star Jared Leto as I mentioned along with Matt Smith. The movie is said to follow the comic book story of a brilliant biochemist suffering from a rare blood condition as he attempts to cure himself which transforms him into a blood-sucking anti-hero antagonist. 

#7 Shang-Chi

Black Panther did a number of things for the Marvel Universe, but more importantly, it showed the studio that they could take risks to try new things. Although the release date is still unconfirmed Marvel is hoping to show some Asian representation in this next superhero film. Shang-Chi is the greatest martial artist in the Marvel comic book world. 

#6 Doctor Strange 2

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sorcerer Supreme has reprised his 2016 role many times throughout the MCU, but we have yet to see a solo sequel for his character. The MCU writers have been known to play around with timelines as they did with Captain Marvel taking place in the 90s. So it’s possible that even if this film comes after End Game it doesn’t necessarily mean the events in the film will be chronological.

Its believed that the film will be released November 5th, 2021 because the first film did very well when it was released in November. As of what the story will be well that’s still up in the air. 

#5 Black Panther 2

Still sitting as unconfirmed right now, the release date for this film is said to be around February 21st, 2021. The first Black Panther was a huge success and many fans wanted to see more of the Wakanda world and storyline. I want to see what their story, who was the first king of Wakanda, Whos that third to the left behind TChaka what was their story in Wakanda in 1938. That would be cool. Considering the fact that the film grossed 1.3 billion dollars worldwide and won Marvel Studios their first Oscar you can sure well be hearing Wakanda Forever.

 #4 Black Widow

This movie should have happened a long long time ago and hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer. With the success of Captain Marvels female lead hero, you can be certain that Black Widow would do just the same. Especially after they’ve already spent so much time building up the love for this character. The release date is still unannounced, but most likely will be out by November 6th, 2020. Its believed that the film will explore just how this assassin ended up working for SHIELD and really giving us the full solo film backstory she deserves.

#3 The Eternals

Set to be released May 7th, 2021 The Eternals are one of those lesser-known stories of the Marvel universe. They are a group of immortal ancient aliens created by the Celestials a millennia ago. Its believed the plot of the film will travel that far back to unveil the hidden history of the Eternal race in regards to the MCU. We’ve actually already seen hints at the Eternals concept before in Guardians of the Galaxy where one of the Celestials had a brief cameo.

#2 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

James Gunn has been reinstated to direct the third installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy film taking this long-awaited movie off hold. Gunn is currently working on the Suicide Squad first which is due by August 6th, 2021 so for the release date of this film fans will most likely have to wait until 2022. When asked about how the story for this film will shape out James Gunn said – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will happen after Infinity War. It will conclude the story of this iteration of the guardians of the galaxy and help catapult both old and new Marvel characters into the next ten years and beyond.

#1 Spider-Man Far From Home

Following the very successful Sony release of Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel jumped at the opportunity to produce the sequel. As of now, this is one of the only films following End Game that has no controversy and is guaranteed to hit theatres very soon. The release date is set for July 5th, 2019 and will see Peter exploring the streets of London as he takes on the villain Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal. We will also see the return of Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Happy Hogan helping Spidey out.

And that has been the Top 10 Marvel Movies That Are Planned After Avengers Endgame. Thank you so much for reading and if you enjoyed this article show share this love by hitting that share button.

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