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How to Fix Lucky Patcher App Not Installed (2019) | Lucky Patcher App Error Fix.

Hi, Friends Welcome to, Today in this article we are going to give you the Solution for, Lucky Patcher App Not Installed on your android device.

Lucky Patcher Android app gives multiple benefits like bits of help to remove unwanted ads on your mobile, You can modify app permissions.

Restores and Backup your Installed apps and removes license verifications etc.

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play protect lucky patcher

The Lucky patcher app is one of the most downloaded android apps,

You also want to enjoy the benefits mentioned above then You can download and install on your mobile.

This lucky patcher application is not available on Google play store so you have to download it from official websites only.

Likee App Download

You can easily install on your mobile phone, But sometimes it arises some problems while installing it.

like Lucky Patcher Installation Blocked or Not installing.

can’t install lucky patcher app not installed

You may face Lucky Patcher App Not Installed on your mobile. You will be asking for disable the Google play protect settings.

This blunder normally shows up when users install APK that isn’t accessible on the Google Play Store.

In all honesty, this is an issue that is certifiably not an immediate aftereffect of a product or equipment mistake; it’s the way you utilize the gadget.

If you are using third party app then you may face certain issue while installing. But this is not an end. 

lucky patcher blocked by play protect

If you can’t find the Google play protect settings to install lucky patcher app on your mobile, then read this complete article to find out the solution. 

So please stay with me and see the results that I can do for you okay let’s get see How to install lucky patcher, how to fix lucky patcher app not installed, how to fix app not installed android lucky patcher

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Why the lucky patcher app is not installing on android

After the investigation of this particular issue, we found one possible reason which may cause this error

The main reason is Google security.

Google’s security secured our phone and keep away any harmful application while installing.

So read below to know how to troubleshoot this problem, which will help you resolve the issue.

Other reason for you can’t install lucky patcher

  • Not Enough Storage space in your device or device memory.
  • You are downloaded Corrupt APK File to install in your device
  • Corrupt Storage Device Where your apk file will be host.
  • Insufficient System Permissions
  • Duplicate Installation

Solution For “Lucky Patcher App Not Installed” in your mobile.

For this regard, we are going to the destination folder to install lucky patcher. I’ve already downloaded it from the official website you can also do it.

okay, I’m just trying to install lucky patcher right now, so Friend if you find this app not installed,

You just need to click on done and go back to home and you need to open your Gold Play Store.

After opening the google play store you just need to navigate the sidebar and then click on play protect.

Then you have to click on this Settings icon and then turn off these two option.

okay now go the home and click home and try to reinstall lucky patcher

Friends you can see that lucky patcher already has installed and this is safe now you can open and use lucky patcher.

Just click on open okay now you will be able to use the lucky patcher.

In this process, you can effortlessly use the Lucky Patcher Application on Your android Mobile and Run it smoothly. After trying out our best solutions you will be left with working your Lucky patcher app. “lucky patcher blocked by play protect” its not very hard to fix. If you are using our simple method then you can easily fix lucky patcher app not installed and install lucky patcher app in your mobile.


So, friends, this is how you can install lucky patcher on any android or any phone, if you liked this article please share with your friends. I hope you can install lucky patcher app in your android after reading our tips about “Lucky Patcher App Not Installed”

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