Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan [IAF], Family, Age, Biography, Wiki.

Abhinandan Vardhaman Complete Bio, Age and Wiki

Date of Birth: 21-June-1983.
Age: 35 years old.
Nationality: Indian.
Living Place: Chennai.
Father: Simhakutty Vardhaman (Retired air marshal)
Mother: Shobha (Doctor)
Wife: Tanvi marvaha (squadron leader)
School: A school in Bengaluru
Religion: Hinduism
Children: 2 children.
Carrier: Indian Air Force.
Service No: 27981.
Date Commissioned: 19-June 2004.

Abhindndan Vardhaman Biography

Abhinandan full name is Abhinandan Varthaman. His father’s name is Varthaman he was a pilot in the Indian air force.that is why abhinandan joint Indian Air Force since 2004 to provide service to our country. 

Abhinandan Vardhaman Family

Abhinandan Varthaman native place is a tirupanavur village near Tiruvannamalai in Tamilnadu. He is Married and has two children. the Abhinandan family lives in Madambakkam. He was educated and grew up in Tiruvannamalai, But the first training of the air force took place in Chennai. After joining the air force, he has worked in various camps in the Northern States. The family is currently living in Delhi.

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Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan iaf, Family, Age, Bio, Wiki.

The MiG-21 Bison flying jet crashed with the Indian Air Force after India struck a Pakistani airplane on Wednesday. The Pakistani air force is said to have smashed in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir amid the carelessness. The report said that the airship was flown by Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhman. In the interim, Pakistan has asserted that he has taken the Indian pilot, whose name is Abhinandan Vardhaman.

In a portion of the recordings distributed by Pakistani media, a man is appearing Indian Air Force uniform, which itself is called Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhaman. He has been captured by the Pakistani fringe. ‘Abhindndan’ shows up in English ‘garbs’ showing up in the video and salutes Wing Commander himself.

Pakistan came in contact with Wing Commander Abhinandan of Jodhpur.

However, on Wednesday afternoon, when Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar passed the Pakistani plane crossing the Indian border, one of our MiGs was accidental, which is missing a pilot. He said that Pakistan has claimed that the Indian pilot is in custody but it is being examined right now. Abhinandan Vardhaman is an Air Marshal.

Meanwhile, Vardhaman’s video and photos are being shared continuously through Pakistani media. Vardhman in many of Pakistan’s videos. In some videos, they show tea drinking. Its position looks right in the video. They are standing and answering the question of Pakistani officials drinking tea with complete faith. However, Vardhaman denying for answering many questions aking by Pakistan official.

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