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How to use multiple apps on android

How to use multiple apps on android

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Hi guys, you are in, today I am gonna tell you how to use multiple Whatsapp account facebook account Instagram account on a single smartphone.

In our latest smartphone, the options are already installed from the developers to use the clone app on the same android phone. But when you don’t have the feature or your mobile is old and not upgraded what will you do? You just need to follow our simple step by step method to clone any other applications.

How to Use Two Whatsapp In One Mobile?

so for that purpose what you need to do, you need to download an app called parallel space, so go to Google play store, open it and write down parallel space, parallel space, see, click on this parallel space multi-account,

as you can see I have already downloaded this app on my smartphone so I don’t need to download it again, I am just opening it, see the app is being open on my smartphone, see its processing. I am just clicking on the start button, see its processing, as you can see I am already

using facebook, paytm and messanger two accounts on this smartphone and I wanna add WhatsApp account, second WhatsApp account on my smartphone

so click on add button given over here, click on add, see, suppose I wanna add only WhatsApp account okay, so click on WhatsApp, after that click to add to parallel space, click here, you can see right now that WhatsApp has been added into parallel space.

I am just clicking on it, so just click on this, see, the app is being started on my smartphone, so just agree, click on agree and continue, click here, agree and continue and right now it’s asking for the number , so I am giving my number over here, Now click on next

see its connecting , its showing that we will be verifying the number so make sure that this number is correct, so I am clicking on next, see I will get a WhatsApp verification code within a minute, I am just entering the code over here, as you can see, I had already installed this WhatsApp so I am not gonna restore this, see the WhatsApp is being started on my smartphone,

it’s initializing, this is the second WhatsApp which I am using on my smartphone and You can also see my other WhatsApp account on the same phone. With the help of Parellelspace, I can install and run two applications in one android mobile.

This is not only limited to WhatsApp but also you can use it in any other application to make the clone.

Final Words

whenever you want to use this second WhatsApp then you need to open the parallel space after that you will have to open that app from the parallel space, this is all that you need to do, if you have any doubt regarding this then please comment below i will answer instantly, Thank you for the reading.

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