How To Use *Anniversary Supply Voucher in PUBG* What is PUBG Anniversary Voucher.

Hello guys welcome to another new article of Myinfomaniya and previously we published an article about where is RPD building in New map so here I am back with another great information about anniversary treasure voucher in PUBG we’ll going to talk about PUBG mobiles new update Anniversary supply Voucher and what is it and how to use this PUBG Anniversary supply Voucher. To know the complete details about this Anniversary supply Voucher and how to use anniversary treasure voucher in PUBG read the complete article. So lets begin.

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What is PUBG Anniversary Lucky Draw Voucher?

There is one year been going to complete of launching PUBG Mobile game and it doesn’t feel like that. Here they planned some massive offers in the event of Pubg Anniversary. You can get Amazing  Prizes and set of pretty cool clothes in “Anniversary Lucky Draw PUBG Mobile”  You must definitely follow the event here because, in addition to the gift of a set of clothes, there are other skins that you have to collect.

How to get/collect PUBG Anniversary reward? 

First Method: First of all, go the event from the option and click on Anniversary survival rewards and now you can see the pink box indication Survive for a total of 100 minutes(you have to survive 100 minutes after you able to see this box) and click on Collect. Now you got the reward completely free and then press “OK”

Second Method: Now I am telling the second method to get this free anniversary survival rewards. Come back to your dashboard and click on message option from below and you can see the PUBG MOBILE Anniversary Special message then click on that. Now you can see the message of Anniversary reward. So now I am going to show how and when to use it.

How to use anniversary supply voucher in PUBG

There will be an option will appear for using this feature and this is not yet officially released for use. You have to wait 1 or 2 days until the new update, whenever a new update will release then you can easily grab this offers and vouchers. Even you can get a new prize in Lucky Draw event so follow us regularly to know how to grab your Lucky Draw after the update.  

Here are the prizes in the Lucky Draw Anniversary at PUBG Mobile:

  • A set of Anniversary skin  clothes
  • Anniversary skin UMP9.
  • Skin Anniversary helmet.
  •  Pan Anniversary.
  • Coupon Anniversary
  • Wolves Hats.
  • Anniversary Supply Voucher.


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