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How to Save Videos From Instagram (2019) | Save Photos and Videos from Insta.

How to Save Videos From Instagram | Save Photos and Videos from Insta.

Hey everyone in this article I want to show you could Save Videos From Instagram on to your camera roll you can do this for an iPhone, you can do this for an android and Windows pc or Mac with the use of information in this article.

Instagram does not have a save video option But there is free software that I’m gonna introduce to you. That allows you to save it on your camera roll Again, guys, it’s gonna be a pretty quick reading Save Videos From Instagram.

But remember my philosophy is ifΒ  I learn something I’m gonna do it and then I’m gonna teach it. So I’m gonna share this with all my viewers.

if you ever wanted to learn how you can save your videos from Instagram and bring them into your digital photo album. Then read to the end of this article because this is gonna be quick but it’s gonna be cool information.Β 

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Download Instagram Stories, Videos and Pictures

Nowadays the users of facebook are jumping into Instagram and it is rapidly trapping their competitors like Snapchat, twitter by increasing new features day by day. More and more people prefer to spend their time on mobile phones instead of Laptop and PC.  Where Instagram is ahead of Facebook in this race.

Instagram Where you can post photos, videos and you can update Stories regularly. You can download Instagram Story videos and you can also save the image without losing original quality.

How to download instagram videos on android

There have been 76% smartphone users who are android users and the remaining 24% are using an iPhone. If you are one of these 76 then this method is for you. Here you are going to get How to download Instagram videos on android or Save videos from Instagram.

Steps To Save instagram Videos on Android Mobile.

  • I am going to show you my personal method to download and save Instagram Videos and Photos to my Android Mobile.
  • Here The first thing you need to do, Download the Videoder Application From Play Store, Its easily available and install your mobile. Download Videoder From Here >> Download Videoder.
  • Now open Instagram and browse your favorite video or images that you want to save. If you find your video then follow the process below.
  • Tap on the Three Dots “…”upper right corner of the Image or Video, and you will see the copy link option. If the copy link option is not showing then the video is private and we cannot download them.
  • If your video is eligible to download then you will see a copy link option. Just tap on that Now your link has been copied. 
  • After you copy the link there will be a quick pop up download option that will appear in the down screen. Just tap on the download option.
  • Now set the quality which you want to download. Now your Instagram video, Image or Story has been downloaded to your Mobile. 
  • This method does not only work on Instagram but also on Youtube. You need to copy the video link from youtube and the same process you can get it easy. 

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How to Save Instagram Videos to Your Iphone.

How many images do you see in your Instagram newsfeed? Did you know? According to the statics, There have been 95 Million Photos and videos are uploading each day. You can improve your Business and profile visibility for growth. And you can use these videos and pictures for your Instagram profile growth by following This Method.

I am not sure whether the above method is working on iPhone or not. But This method I am going to share now will give you a 100% true result. So let’s move on to save a video from Instagram to your camera roll iPhone.

How to Save a Video From Instagram to Your Camera Roll iphone

  • So the First Thing I am going to do download the Application and install it in my iPhone Mobile. This is the Best app to save videos from Instagram for iPhone in my experience. You must do that, Now Click Here to download >>> Quickly Repost For Instagram
  • Now Open the Instagram and I’m gonna go straight to a video that I want to Upload, let’s go ahead and find one. 
  • You gonna notice the Three little Dots “…” Upper Right corner of the video or the image. Now click on the three dots and copy the link option. If not available the copy link then it’s private we cant download.
  • When you finished copying the link then open the Quickly Repost For Instagram App we downloaded earlier. Now past the link on the app.
  • After the pasting the link you will see video thumbnail and some options in the below. Just tap on the Download option, Now your Instagram video or image file is downloaded to your File. 

How to Download Instagram Videos on PC Windows and Mac Online

There has been a lesser feature included on the PC version of Instagram Compared to Mobile. But still, we can use Instagram On PC or Mac in a satisfactorily.

 Did You Know? 95% of Instagramers use youtube also. And users like Instagram 4.2 billion posts per day. 

I am Going to share two of the best methods to Download Instagram Videos on PC Windows and Mac Online.

  1. Download Instagram Video and Pictures From Online Downloader
  2. Download and Save Instagram Video and Pictures From Source Code.

1. Download Instagram Video and Pictures From Online Downloader

  • Open your Instagram and choose your video or photos that you want to save. Then click the three little dots above the video and copy the link.
  • Now open the New Tab in your browser and visit this website >> Insta Downloader. Now past the Copied video Url in the Website search box.
  • You can see your video thumbnail and download option below the video. Now click on that. 
  • You can see your video source page Just right-click from your mouse and save the video option.
  • Now the video is successfully downloading, You can check from your browser download page. 

2. Download and Save Instagram Video and Pictures From Source Code.

This is the straight method to download and save Instagram videos on Windows PC and Mac without using third-party applications. 

  • Choose the video you want to download and press the right click on your mouse. Now click on the Inspect option to view the HTML version of the Instagram video. 
  • Now you have the find the video link: Click on Ctrl + F and type mp4
  • Right-click on the link and choose Edit as HTML option and copy the link starting after SRC 
  • Past the link in the new tab, and save the video on clicking the right button on your mouse.
  • Congratulations! Your video is downloaded to your Windows PC and Mac.

Manage your Instagram account by uploading popular pictures and videos by using these repost method. I hope you will enjoy this article to find the solution for How to save videos from Instagram for iPhone and Android. How to save videos from Instagram on Windows PC and Mac. For more interesting article bookmark this website and share this with your friends.

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