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How To Make 500$ Every Month From Micro Niche Blogging?

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Can you make the recurring amount of 500$ every month on autopilot or without any regular hard work? Yes, You Can! 

This what exact method we are talking about this article. To know complete details about micro niche blogging and What is Micro Niche blogging.

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Hello, Friend’s Today in this article we will talk about Micro Niche Blogging, How to make Micro niche Website, Micro Niche Blog topic and how to earn money from it.

Let’s assume! If you get 1 Lakh Traffic per month to your website and its monetized through Adsense network, 5 % of the visitors are clicking your ads and you are receiving 0.10$ CPC (Cost Per Click). In the end, you will get 500$ per month, nearly RS.35000 in Indian rupees. 

Let’s learn the trick to achieve the goal for making 500$ per month on a micro niche blogging website.

What is Micro Niche Blogging?

Friends, as you might have heard of Blogging and maybe you will also be doing blogging on your website. But what is micro niche websites?

if you want to create a blog which you have to work on less and you can earn more money then you should start Micro Niche Blogging.

Because in this blogging you have to do very little work and in just 10 to 15 days, your entire blog is ready. But the question is, what is Micro Niche Blogging?

To understand well enough, we first divide this entire Word, 

  • Micro Niche (category or a small topic) 
  • Blogging (Post Create on a Topic)

Now get both of them together So Micro Niche Blogging is meant to create a blog on a small or Particular Topic, called Micro Niche Blogging.

Examples of Micro Niche Blogging.

Broader NicheMicro Niche
WifiFunny Wifi names
Customer careAirtel customer care
CouponsGodaddy Coupon

Pros and Cons of Creating a Micro Niche Blog or Website.


Easy to Rank on Search engines: This is the great advantage for micro niche blogging, Because the whole website is about the only one topic, so it may cover all the aspects of the same micro category.

No More SEO Complications: If you forget about SEO Then also you will get ranking from Google and other search engines.  

No Need To Create More Backlinks: You can easily rank a website by Less number of backlinks.

Target Traffic: You get targeted and particular types of audience to your blog so you can also use affiliate marketing also.


 You will get only targeted traffic not additional visitors to your blog, there are fewer chances for beyond the targeted visitors.

How to make Micro Niche Blog or website?

As you all know, is the best free platform to create and if you want to create a little Advance Blog whose look is absolutely professional you can use WordPress which is easy to rank on google.

Let’s Step by Step understand how to create a Micro Niche Blog and what things you need for it-

  1. Micro Niche Keyword Research  
  2. How To Choose Domain and Hosting
  3. Content Planning For Micro Niche
  4. Setting Up WordPress For Micro Niche Blog
  5. How many Article is enough for a micro niche
  6. How many Backlink you need to rank

Let’s learn one by one.

1.Keyword Research For Micro Niche Website

Keyword research is the first step of blogging Here we recommend Free tools to find a Good and Profitable micro Niche Keyword. 

Use Uber suggest and Keyword Everywhere plugin which is available for Google Chrome and also in Firefox Browser.  I personally use this tool for my blogging carrier. 

you should make a small topic, for example, you can make related to the product of one company or its services where the company’s goods Get.

And here are some important rules for finding the best and profitable Micro Niche Keyword.

First: It Has Good Volume of search 1,00,000 per month or more

Second: Higher CPC (Cost Per Click) Value If you are using Adsense.

Third: The Final most important thing is Low Keyword difficulty and Competition is very low. image of uber suggest keyword research

This is the main thing you have to follow to choose a great keyword for your blog. Let’s move on to the next step.

2.How to Choose a Domain and Hosting 

It is impossible to create a website without a Domain and hosting server so here I will direct how to choose a Domain name and Hosting Plans for a micro niche website.

Domain Name

Your Domain name should be closely related or match with your main keyword. if my keyword is “Caller Tune For Jio” I will choose or, This types Exact match Domains have high possibilities in the top on google ranking.

Try to buy always .com domains because it is most memorable and popular across the world.


The Main important thing in blogging is Hosting, Here we Have Two options.

  • Blogger Platform: Free 
  • WordPress Platform: Paid 

Blogger: If you are a beginner and want to know more research about blogging the first choice is Blogger Platform Owned by Google provides free hosting we can use by creating a simple email id. But the lots of features are missing and you can’t customize as you want. 

WordPress: If you want to make real money from blogging, then you must purchase a Good hosting from a Good company. Don’t Dive into Free hosting companies sometimes its impact very bad to your website.

3.Content Planning For micro Niche Blog

You must hear this word “content is the king” Know Why content is king? and is absolutely true. creating unique and quality content is matters your ranking performance in Google and customer interaction with your blog.

How to create good quality content? 

  • you can visit others blog and website and collect some information and research about your niche on the internet and reading the related books to get more ideas.
  • you can also check 189 Creative Blog Post Ideas in your niche.
  • You can also use where you can get complete FAQs related to your category and niche.

screenshot of answer the public keyword explore

  • Use Google autosuggest keywords for better understand what peoples searching for and you will some good related keywords.

image of google autosuggest keywords

  • is the question and answer site where you will find a complete database and information what peoples talking about your niche.

  • Uber Suggest Suggested keywords for greater content and article planning.

image of ubersuggest article idea finding

4. Setting Up WordPress For Micro Niche Blog.

After Buying a memorable and stunning Domain and Reliable Hosting Here we are going to install WordPress Website in your Hosting account.

  •  Login into your Hosting account.
  • Go to your CPanel (Control Panel) Where you can Control your hosting account.
  • Come to the bottom of your CPanel and Click on WordPress to continue installation like given below.

image of hosting cpanel

The WordPress installation confirmation window appears, now click on Install now option to continue the work.

image of wordpress installation

Now choose your domain name from the list if not showing and let the other options default, Just scroll down the page and “install” to begin.

image of wordpress installation

Congratulations! Your website is perfectly ready and This is your WordPress website dashboard where you are going to manage all of your website structure and backend work.

image of wordpress dashboard

5. Install the Essential WordPress Plugins.

Once your website is ready a few more things you need to do. Install some important plugins which will really helpful for you. Keep in mind this is the basic supported plugins for your website.

Contact form 7

This Contact Form 7 is one of the oldest and popular plugins, You can add a contact form to any pages and post by simple past a contact form shortcode. Learn how to set up contact form 7 Easily customize your contact form as you like.  image of contact form 7 plugin

 Yoast SEO

 SEO is a very important factor in gaining organic traffic from Google and other search engines. So these plugins make simple your work and it helps to optimize your content and search engine friendly with your focus keyword. Here is everything about Yoast SEO plugins.

image of yoast seo plugin


TinyMCE is the WordPress visual editor you can customize the formatting of your post and articles, it has more options like justify, font size, insert tables and more.

image of tinymce plugin

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache enhances the SEO and client experience of your webpage by expanding site execution, lessening load times through highlights like content delivery network (CDN) joining and the most recent prescribed procedures.

image of w3 total cache plugin

Google Analytics

This is a very popular plugin for monitoring your traffic. You can find how many visitors are coming to your website, what pages the visitors more viewing and more important data will be shown. 

image of google analytics plugin

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemap used to help your visitors to navigate your websites. submit your sitemap into google search console for index your website faster with search engines. Whenever you publish a post or modify your content Google will receive automatic notification.

image of google xml sitemaps plugin

6. Necessary things after installation

Themes: Now it comes to Design of Website, There is no such blogger! Who does not want to have a good design of his blog, along with Fast Loading and SEO Optimized! Because these are the three things! Forcing your readers or visitors to come to your blog!

But it is a matter of thinking that new bloggers cannot buy at starting, a Fast and Responsive WordPress Themes! Because they are quite expensive! Because at the beginning we do not have that much budget! So that we could put that money! In my opinion, it is not right to put so much money for the theme!

You can use any mobile responsive free themes for your starting stage when you started making money from the website try to purchase premium themes from the market.

Create Pages

These are the essential pages you need to prepare after setting up a website. Here’s a list of important information that should be included on your site. The most common pages on successful websites include:

  1. About 
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Contact Us
  4. Disclaimer

image of necessary pages

7. How many articles do you need to publish for a micro niche website?

After completing all the settings of website design and necessary things, now its time to create Good content for your website, Create a post which attracts your audience.

Now the question is how many articles is necessary to complete a micro niche blog?

So here it is not easy to tell you because it depends upon your niche and category. In some niche, only 6 to 7 post is enough to rank, in some time there is need up to 30 Posts/Articles to rank high on google.

Keep in mind all the post and content you are making should be Original and Unique and not copy. Here are the estimation common example that you how many articles you need.

  1. 5 Article with 4000 to 5000 words
  2. 5 Article with 2500 to 3000 word 
  3. 5 article with 800 to 1000 words

Finally, you need a minimum 15 post to rank on google and gain lots of organic traffic and visitors. If you do this exact method within one month you will be ranking on top of the google.

8. Promotional methods for your website.

1. Social sharing.

For the initial stage, your website is new and it is hard to gain traffic, so you need to promote your website in social media platform, it boosts your initial ranking in google. Here are the social media promotional methods you may use.

Facebook: Share your article in facebook profile and pages you created. To maximize the visibility to share on facebook groups related to your category and niches.

Twitter: If you have a huge fan following on twitter then it will be a great advantage, so share your post to Twitter to gain the attention of visitors.

Google Plus: Its a product of Google, you can freely transfer your content it encourages social signals to your websites. You can answer the queries related to your niche and add your website link for reference, it boost your traffic and you will get regular traffic.  

2. Backlinks.

After making any website it is very important to rank it on a search engine for which you need backlinks, Backlinks will help you to rank higher on google but keep in mind do not create more and unnecessary backlinks. All the backlinks should be natural and related to your niche. 

  • 20 High Authority Dofolollow Backlinks.
  • 30 No, Follow Backlinks ( Include Comment Backlinks).
  • Try to make Minimum 5 Guest Posting and link back to your website.

3. Directory Submission.

This Directory Submission provides a great resource for high-quality links, and it saves you a lot of time and effort. If you are looking for directory submission websites, Below are some important directory submission websites.

For more website links visit

URLPAGE RANKVISIT NOW 5Visit Now >>> 5 Visit Now >>>
allstatesusadirectory.com3 Visit Now >>> 3 Visit Now >>> 3 Visit Now >>>
hydeparkbooks.com3 Visit Now >>> 3 Visit Now >>> 3 Visit Now >>> 3 Visit Now >>>
4 Visit Now >>>

Monetization for Micro Niche Blogging

After doing all these things, now it is a matter of earning from the website so that you can monetize your website. For which Google Adsense and are the best. But if you are building a website of 4-5 pages then you must have an Approved Adsense Account already.

This will bring advertisements to your website and you will start earning due to those ads. In this way, you will be able to earn money from your Micro Nich Blog.

Final Words of Micro Niche Blogging

Micro Niche Blogging is becoming very popular in the field of Blogging today and many people are also making good online earnings by creating a Micro Niche Blog, so if you are also in the field of Blogging then you must own a Micro Niche Blog. Create easily by which you can increase your online earnings easily.

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