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How to Book Train Ticket on Google Pay App.

Hi Friends, Are you finding How to Book Train Tickets on Google pay, Ticket booking on Google pay application, Google Pay Se Train Ticket Kaise Book Kare or train ticket kaise book kare . Then you are in a Right Place. Read this article till the end and you will get a perfect solution. 

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Indian railway facilitates numerous way to book train tickets online. One of the most used methods is the IRCTC Website (Indian Railway Catering Indian and Tourism Corporation).

If you are not using IRCTC then register Today on

Anyone can book the train ticket from IRCTC by creating an account on it. Now the new feature Introduced by Google Pay after tie-up of Google and IRCTC, that we can book train tickets on Google Pay without the Password of IRCTC. 

We can pay electricity bill payments, book a cap, Making bank payment in a fraction of seconds and much more interesting things by using simple google pay app.

What’s new about this…?

We can book train tickets by using Google Pay UPI App. Google pay company is affiliated and jointed with IRCTC to provide an easy way to book tickets. Now you can easily able to book train ticket using this google pay application. 

The most important thing is you don’t need IRCTC  password to book train tickets from Google pay app. Let’s see How to book a train ticket using Google Pay UPI Payment Application. 

How to Book Train Ticket on Google Pay App.

Before the process.

  • Download the latest version of Google Pay App. 
  • Connect your Payment Bank account with Google Pay.
  1. Go to the Business section on Google pay app and tap on trains option. 
  2. Now you will get a welcome screen indicating welcome to trains.
    To book the tickets Tap on the Book a train ticket option
  3. This is the time for the search for a train. Enter your boarding station in the origin section and final destination place in the Destination section and select your departure and choose your quota finally click on check availability.
  4. After checking the train fares, click on the payment option. You can book the ticket by entering the details of the next screen.
    But here the IRCC user ID is mandatory. If you do not have an IRCC user ID then go to
  5. Passenger details can be added to the required quantity after the registration. Click on Continue after completing these steps and booking the ticket for easy payments through the Google Pay processor UBI.
  6. Make payment from your saved google pay bank account. You will get Generated ticket from google pay app.


It’s now easier to check the train availability and Book train tickets by using UPI google pay payment application. We clearly explain how to book train tickets from google pay. I hope you like that. If you think it’s useful for you then please share to others to let them know the awesome new features. Thank you, friends.

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