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How to add a link to Instagram stories without 10K Followers

Hey guys, I am sasikumar and you are watching our website ““. Today we are going to talk about “How to add swipe up feature Instagramhow to add a link to Instagram stories. however, it is swiping up feature but it’s a little bit different. And I know if you follow this trick,

You are going to love it. And you will feel the same as you feel with a real swipe up feature. So if you want to learn then read this complete article till the end. So without wasting more time, Let’s get started

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How to how to add a link to Instagram stories without 10K Followers

  1. This is my Instagram account. Now here, I don’t have the swipe up feature on my Instagram.
  2. So first of all, Go to Instagram “HOME” And at the top right you can see the “IGTV” icon. Just TAP on it.
  3. Now here, you need to go to your IGTV profile. Now here, you need to add any video via tapping on the “+” icon.
  4. Video length should be more than 15 seconds and less than 10 minutes.
  5. As an example, I have a video with 17 seconds length. You can set the cover for your video.
  6. Now here, proceed to the next screen. Now here on this screen, Write “CLICK HERE” or something creative to attract viewers.
  7. You can use emoji as per need. Now here is the description, You need to paste the URL or link where you want to send to your viewers.
  8. as an example, I am using my youtube channel URL in the description. Just paste the URL in the description.
  9. Now just POST the video. Ok, so the video has been uploaded successfully. So we need to come again on the home screen.
  10. Now create a story. You can make a proper photo or 15 seconds video for your Instagram story. with swipe up animation.
  11. I am using that same video here also. Now here at the top right section, There is an icon of LINK or attachment. Just Tap on it.
  12. Now Tap on +IGTV video Now select that video we posted some time ago. So our story has been linked with our IGTV video.
  13. I am using here a SWIPE UP gif image. Now Just post this Story. Ok, so the story has been posted.
  14. Now As a viewer We will SWIPE UP. Once you swipe up, you will see IGTV video. And when you tap on the top.
  15. You can see the title of that video. Now here viewers can click on the title. And then click on the URL.
  16. Now you can access that URL using this SWIPE UP feature. So that’s it. I hope you like this trick. You can use this trick until you have 10k followers.


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