Donate Money to Indian army: Donation to Pulwama Attack.

In the greatest fear monger assault on the military in Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir, 40 soldiers killed by a bomb blast on Thursday.

In an assault by JM-e-Mohammed, a suicide bomber who crashed the full bomb loaded vehicle in a guard of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force), in which 40 warriors were slaughtered in a transport.

We also come to our mind that takes a gun and attack back to a terrorist who causes this incident. but we know this is not possible for every people in India. But still, there is such a thing that we can do it from home and help them back. 

Pulwama Attack Donation / CRPF Donation Fund

By giving one minute of your work you can directly provide the benefits to the peoples who give their soul for our nation by Bharat ke veer donation. We can give education to their children and take care of their family by contributing some small amount of money. 

Our soldiers are sacrificed there live for us and it’s a duty and responsibility of every Indian citizen to help them back. This is one of the great opportunity for us to our soldiers family. 

Donation to Pulwama Terrorist Attack

You can also help yourself through mobile banking. Let us know that the money given by you goes directly to the Government of India through this account. After this, the government spends this amount on its behalf according to the need of the Indian troops.

This is my responsibility to share the information to donate to our jawan soldiers.

And you should also share this information to reach more and more people that they can know how to donate and send money to the Indian army in the right way.  

Guidelines for Donation to our Bharat ke veer

  • You can donate directly to individual braveheart’s account (up to a max of ₹ 15 lakhs) or may donate to the Bharat Ke Veer corpus.
  • To ensure maximum coverage, a cap of ₹ 15 lakhs is envisaged per braveheart and the donor would be alerted if the amount exceeds ₹ 15 lakhs, so that they can choose to either decrease their contribution or divert part of the contribution to another Bravehearts account, or to the Bharat Ke Veer corpus.
  • Bharat Ke Veer corpus would be managed by a committee made up of eminent persons of repute and senior government officials, in equal number, who would decide to disburse the fund equitably to the Bravehearts family on a need basis.

Donate to Indian Army

The first thing you need to do just go to the and search for “Bharat ka veer”. click on the first webisite or just visit

You will visit the website like given below image, read the guideline and you can check the menu for different information.

  1. If you want to contribute then visit the button “CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE”
  2. Now enter your mobile number and security code shown below and you will receive OTP. Verify your number by putting OTP number to continue. 
  3. In this page, you contribute any amount by entering and then submit. after you will be redirected to the payment page, you can make payment by debit card, credit card, and internet banking. 
  4. After the successful completion of payment, you will receive the message to your mobile. You can also download your payment slip in pdf format. 

The recent news released that till now more than 7 crore rupees have been received to Bharat ke veer jawan fund I wish it will reach 7000 core for our braveheart veer soldiers. 

If your motive also the same then don’t wait, Just contribute a little amount and share to your friends and relatives.

Final Words.

In this way, you can easily make Donate to CRPF families who were attacked on Pulwama incident. I think you know how to donate money to the Indian army martyrs and who lose their children, lost their husband, loss their brother. I hope you will also participate in this donation and also request to your friend and relatives to make the donation. Jai Hind.

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