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Best Android Screen Recorder | Top Ways to Record Your Android Screen

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If you ever wish to start your own YouTube channel or create how-to videos or screen gameplay instead of relying on DSLR or higher recording devices try using screen recorder apps for Android so without further ado let’s find out what these top apps have to offer so that you can make a decision on which one to move.

AZ Screen Recorder

number one we have is az screen recorder which comes with the ability to create Full HD videos along with the sound you can even pause and resume by recording the video unlike other free screen recorder apps for Android. it doesn’t force a watermark on the recorded video

Mobizen screen recorder

next on our list is mobizen screen recorder that does much more than just being a free screen recorder app for Android Mobizen comes with plenty of features like video editor touch recording countdown and face camp

Stream Screen recorder

the name suggests our third screen recording app “stream” allows you to not only screencast your favorite videos but also watch and chat online videos you can even route live streams created by users worldwide

Google Play games

not many people know but the popular service Google Play games is not confined to just maintaining your gaming profiles but it has a built-in screen recording function that lets you create personalized videos and other best game moments from your favorite mobile games

SEC screen recorder

if your device is running Android 4.4 then this pre-recorded is your best friend configured with all the essential screen recording capabilities this mobile screen recorder with audio has an intuitive interface and can record for up to 1 hour duration

super screen recorder

super screen recorder is another professional screen recorder and screenshot app that has excellent video editing features as well as ability to create full HD videos it’s a post portrait landscape and Auto screen record mode you can even show the click operations in the screen recording

with this up the core function of all these screencasting apps is the ability to record android stream, some have additional features like camera recording audio capture and some have related photo and video editor.
so you can try each one of them and know which works best for you.

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