Avoid Coronavirus: Symptoms & Precautions You Should take.

corona virus

Coronovirus has been working rapidly in the medical industry for the past few weeks. Countries of the world are frightened by the sight of the virus, which kills the virus and is unable to overcome it. Coronavirus is so deadly.

Subsequently, the National Health Commission of China ratified it and began to make the public aware. It is urged to consult your doctor immediately if you have these symptoms.

Coronavirus Symptoms

The Flue

The Corana Virus starts with likey a common flue and it can last upto three days continuesly. The coranavirus temperature is more that your body heat. Beaware of anyone who related to your family and friends who are come from china. You must consult your doctor before taking any pills.

Cough and cold

If you have Continuous coughs and cold then may be a sign of this corana virus infection. So do not conclude this due to heat or cold. People who have cough and cold then do not split in the public and don’t do hand shake to anyone, it may chances to spread. Wash your hand when you come home.

Apnea (suffocation)

The Fever can cause headache, shortness of breath, sour throat and some. It is advisable to take care of children’s as they can easily infected. If the physical pain, fever and cough especially if it is more than three days, then visit the Government hospital and do not afraid of the coranavirus symptoms. At the same time, the main advice of doctors is not to ignore the symptoms.

4 Simple Precautions That Will Help You Avoid the Coronavirus

Don’t go to work if you feel sick

If you have any symptoms and especially fever, then you should stay away from work at all as you damage the productivity of your workplace. This would be true even when there were no coronaviruses. If you are a boss then give the rest to your employee to recover from the flu.

Wash your hands

It is easy to catch the flu or any other virus if you touch an object or surface that was contagious at any time in the last 48 hours, especially if you then touch your nose or mouth. The more often you wash your hands, the less likely you are to infect yourself if you have touched something that had a virus.

Avoid crowd

If you know that the flu is spreading, avoid crowded places so that you can come in contact with the virus responsible for getting sick. There is more chances to spread this virus when you travelling in public in flue time. Try to avoid most of the time to stand and go with crowd. 

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