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Amazon Quiz Today Answer 13 September 2019 Win JBL Boom Box Speaker Today.

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Amazon Quiz Today Answer 13-09-2019 Win JBL Boom Box Speaker Today.

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So are you ready to participate amazon quiz contest 13-09-2019 and win  JBL Boom Box Speaker  Quiz Time by answering all the questions correct? We have added all the correct answer for today’s Amazon quiz contest so be ready to win the prize. This is a hot topic on online quizzes and Amazon announces a variety of new offers and prizes, there is no age limitation and anyone can participate in this quiz.

Answers for JBL Boom Box Speaker Amazon Quiz Contest

This is the daily quiz time contest arranged on the Amazon application. Whoever wants to participate just download the app and grab the deal. The Question & Answer start at 8 AM & Close at 12 PM, we update daily answers of amazon quiz contest from 8:06 AM, If you don’t get the today’s answer then just refresh the page and that’s it, you will get today’s amazon quiz answers.

Amazon Quiz Daily Time and Todays Prize

  • Quiz Time– 8 AM to 12 PM
  • Today’s Prize –  JBL Boom Box Speaker
  • Today’s Quiz–  
  • Quiz Date– 13-09-2019

Answers for JBL Boom Box Speaker Amazon Quiz Contest

Q1 – Rakesh Sharma Was The First Indian In Space. What Was The Name Of The Spacecraft In Which He Travelled?

Ans – Soyuz-T11

Q2 – Running Events Are Often Categorised As 5K. 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon Etc. What Is The Official Running Distance Of A Full Marathon?

Ans – 42.19 Kms

Q3 – The World Is Divided Into A Total Of 24 Timezones. USA Has 4 Timezones Across It’s Entire Region. Which Country Has The Maximum Number Of Timezones?

Ans – France

Q4 – Which Is The Only Mammal Capable Of Flying By Beating Their Wings To Power Flight?

Ans – Bat

Q5 – Which Indian City Has Become The First To Launch A 3D Smart Traffic Signal Called ‘Intelights’ Which Will Regulate Traffic Signals With A Smart Bird’s Eye View Wireless Sensor System?

Ans – Mohali

Answers for Rs.25000 Amazon pay balance Amazon Quiz Contest

Q1 – Which Ancient Art Form From The Mithila Region In Bihar Was Used To Save A Forest When The Women In The Area Painted The Trees To Stop The Authorities From Cutting Them For Road Widening And Development?

Ans – Madhubani

Q2 – Nobel Laureate And Beloved Writer, Toni Morrison, Passed Away Recently. Which Country Was She From?

Ans – USA

Q3 – Which Famous Scientist Developed The World’s First Computer Program For Playing Chess – Known As ‘Turbochamp’?

Ans – Alan Turing

Q4 – The Longest Passenger Carrying Railway Line In The World Is The Trans-Siberian Railway And Is 9289km Long. Which Two Cities Are Its End Points?

Ans – Moscow And Vladivostok

Q5 – Which Indian City Is Home To The Dalai Lama And Is Also The Headquarters Of The Tibetan Government-In-Exile?

Ans – Dharamshala

Amazon 12 September Quiz, Amazon Quiz Answers Win, Rs.25000 Amazon pay balance Amazon Quiz

Answers for 11-09-2019 One Plus 7 Pro Amazon Quiz Contest

Q1 – RK Laxman Was A Famous Cartoonist, Known For His Illustration Of The ‘Common Man’. Which Popular Series Was His Brother Famous For?

Ans – Malgudi Days

Q2 – Which Of The 7 Continents Of The World Has The Most Number Of Countries?

Ans – Africa

Q3 – Which Movie Won The Award For Best Hindi Film At The 66th National Awards Held In August?

Ans – Andhadhun

Q4 – The British Government Made A Motivational Poster Before World War II To Keep People From Panicking. The Words From That Poster Are Now Commonly Featured On Clothing, Novelty Items, And Internet Memes. What Was Printed On The Poster?

Ans – Keep Calm And Carry On

Q5 – This Musical Instrument Is Believed To Have Existed Since 15,000 BC, Making It One Of The Oldest Instruments In The World. The Modern Version Of It Has 47 Strings And 7 Pedals. Which Instrument Are We Talking About?

Ans – Harp

How to Play Amazon Quiz time?

  1. First, have to Download The Amazon App From Google Play Store.
  2. Now Log in to your Amazon App by your user name and password.
  3. You, Will, See “Amazon Quiz Time Daily Quiz” Banner in the bottom of home page.
  4. Click the Start button to begin the quiz.
  5. Give the answer to all the question listed in the quiz section.
  6. If your answers Are right then You Will Be Selected For Lucky Draw Of This Amazon Quiz Time Quiz Winners.

Terms of Amazon Today’s Quiz Contest.

  • The contest period will be commencing from 8 am to 12 pm [ quiz time]
  • If you want to eligible for quiz then you have to sing in or sing up from Amazon application only.
  • After sign in to your account find to enter today’s quiz program and you will be asked 5 questions.
  • If all the questions are correct then you will be entitled to a lucky draw which carried among participants who answered correctly.
  • One of the participants will be selected as a winner by a random draw of lots. And the declared lucky winner will be eligible for getting Win Fitbit Iconic Smartwatch Quiz Time.

How do I join the Amazon quiz contest?

To enter the amazon app quiz contest you need to download the amazon official app from the play store. After installation to your mobile sign in by your username and password.

If you don’t have an existing Amazon account then don’t worry you can easily create a new amazon account by giving your details in the signup option. After successful login into browsing your home page, sometime you will directly redirect to the home page. 

find a banner indicating amazon quiz contest and click on that. Now you get the details of the quiz and what is your prize if you win the quiz. You will be asked 5 questions one by one.

Answer one by one and submit. Finally, you participate in the amazon quiz contest. So this is the process to participate in the contest and win your prize.

How do I know if I win Amazon giveaway?

if you win the amazon quiz then you will receive a mail indication your winning announcements. The mail will receive after the end of the particular quiz time.

How long do Amazon giveaways take to ship?

If you win the  giveaways then you will be asked your shipping address confirmations. Your giveaways prize will arrive from 1 to 30 days. You need to provide tax information to claim your prizes.

Final Words. 

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