15 mind-blowing facts about an Avengers endgame.

15 mind-blowing facts about an Avengers endgame.

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#1. long wait longer movie

Avengers endgame is not only the longest Marvel Studios film but also the longest superhero film ever released theatrically sitting at runtime of three hours and one minute we’ve waited a long time for it so at least we have a lot to look forward to 

#2. Record-breaking

The first official trailer for a vendor’s endgame was the first video in youtube history to reach 1 million likes in less than four hours it also received over 280 million views in the first 24 hours that also broke a record that was previously set by the first trailer for a vendor’s infinity wars 

#3. Sneak peek

The footage we’ve seen in trailers and commercials are supposedly only from the first 15 to 20 minutes of the film with two trailers two TV commercials and the special look ticket sales announcement we’ve so far only seen about three percent of endgame 

#4. Simultaneous filming

Paul Rudd was filming ant-man in the wasp the same time he was filming Avengers endgame that’s some real dedication and hard work 

#5. Real End Game

According to producer and Marvel Studios president endgame is the final of all three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s been a long time coming and we finally get to see how it wraps up 

#6. Recurring themes

The title endgame was not only heard from a comment from Doctor Strange in Avengers infinity war but it was also mentioned in Avengers Age of Ultron in that movie Tony Stark says the alien invasion from the first Avengers movie is the endgame definitely some interesting foreshadowing 

#7. Like Hotcakes

Not only did avengers endgame become the biggest pre-sale title ever in the first 24 hours but it accomplished this feat in only six hours this generation of movies has been dominated by Marvel films so this should be no surprise 

#8. The definitive spider-man

With this film along with Kathryn America Civil War spider-man homecoming in Avengers affinity war, Tom Holland breaks Tobey Maguire’s record for playing spider-man in live-action movies the most times Tobey Maguire will always be Spidey in my heart but Tom Holland is the new record holder just don’t do anything I would do 

#9. 22 Film of MCU

That many this will be the twenty-second film to be released by Marvel Studios for the Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s felt like way less but it’s been years of multiple movie releases per year. 

#10. Sweet reveal

The first trailer was posted by Marvel Entertainment simply as Marvel Studios Avengers official trailer without the film’s title in the name of the video in order to surprise the fans with the titles reveal at the end of the trailer a really cool way to show off your movie title 

#11. Get Your Tissues

It has been said that a vendor’s end game will be the most intense and emotional entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe even more intense and emotional than a vendor’s affinity war if you recall what we saw an infinity war I can’t imagine bawling – what I’m about to see 

#12. Goodbye Hulk

Mark Ruffalo announced that he’s finished playing The Hulk after the film Ed Norton played the earlier version of the Hulk but would most agree Mark Ruffalo did an amazing job as the official MCU Hulk he’ll be sorely missed 

#13. Out of order

Even though Captain Marvel came out one month before this film brie Larson shot her scenes for endgame first Captain Marvel was great and I’m sure Brie Larson’s practice an endgame made that happen 

#14. Spoiler fail

During an event of guardians of the galaxy vol 2 in April 2017, Zoe Saldana revealed the title of the film as Avengers Infinity Gauntlet following this James Gunn announced that was not the title of a movie I wonder where she got that from 


Finally for our last fact apparently opening night tickets were riesling eBay for apparent thousands of dollars with a pair of IMAX tickets in New Jersey selling for fifteen thousand dollars some people really love the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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