What is the Law Of Attraction?

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most of us give ourselves a mix of both positive and negative affirmations throughout the day with the things that we say to ourselves in our own mental chatter.

And these affirmations stay with us in both the conscious and subconscious mind which we then reinforce throughout our lives.

and the the reality that we create the secret to creating affirmations that really work is to add truth and emotion to them because you are a vibrational being the universe knows how you truly feel and what you truly believe based on your vibrational frequency

so when we state affirmations that we really don’t have much faith in we can make some progress in our belief systems but this will often be a slow process.

however if you start your affirmations with something you already believe something that is true for you in your mind and within your belief systems and create even the slightest emotion to go with that.

you can work with your mind in such a way that it begins to manifest much more quickly for you any belief or truth, we have no matter how insubstantial it may seem holds great power due to the energy it carries this energy is what your mind uses to dictate your perception of reality

and when we use this energy that we already carry within us we can harness that power to create abundance and new manifestations in any area of our lives.

try the following process to begin making your affirmations work like magic number

begin by creating past present and future truths

for example if you have felt unhappy in the past you might say I used to be really unhappy, this is your past truth that your mind holds energy around now I’m deciding to change my life in perception and find happiness and as many things as possible this is your present truth.

And you carry that energy from your past truth into that by setting these two things in this way from this point forward I’m going to be happy no matter what happens this may not sound like your typical affirmation but when you do this you are stating a past truth and combining it with a present truth that carries into all of your moments from that time forward in the future

 your mind will not be able to reject this type of statement because it’s true and it will begin to align with the new belief because of the truth and energy that it already recognizes within that in addition it’s a feeling state or a vibrational frequency that you’re increasing because of this truth the feeling state is what draws more of THIS is “The SECRET” to Creating “Law Of Attraction” “AFFIRMATIONS” That REALLY Work!

“I AM” the same feelings and things to increase these feelings to you if your goal is to manifest something such as a relationship or more money simply replace the emotional state in the example given to fit that for instance

you might say I used to feel unloved now I’m deciding to change my life and perception and notice the love that I already have in my life from this point forward I’m going to embrace all of the ways that love shows up in my life for money

you might say I used to feel lack and limitation now I’m deciding to change my life in perception and notice how abundant my life is from this point forward I am going to live my life remembering how many ways there are that I’m already abundant and allow that to fill me with feelings of freedom and security just use the words that best suit you and your situation as long as it remains truthful to your beliefs.

once you’ve created this affirmation make a second affirmation to follow your first by using a modification of it so that your mind begins to increase the truth and belief it has for it

here’s an example I am starting to experience a faint feeling of happiness and confidence in myself and my ability to create my reality as I choose I’m ready to accept these feelings of happiness and confidence and let them grow each day until they consume me and my everyday experiences once again you can replace happiness and confidence with any other emotion you choose by announcing this truth you create a tipping point that your mind will have difficulty rejecting and if you’re able to produce even the slightest feeling that relates to what you’re saying

get your energy level up whatever it takes for you to do that put a smile on your face and speak these affirmations out loud for about five minutes two to three times per day if you’re able to stand in front of a mirror as you make these statements this will help you create an even more powerful association in your mind as you’re speaking

these affirmations breathe into them by using breathy louder than usual exhales this will assist you in programming these affirmations into your mind because it’s not a normal way you speak in this way your subconscious mind will pay more attention to what you are doing and what you are saying to further impress your subconscious mind with your affirmations you can also write them out several times in a notebook once or twice per day

final step is to anchor your affirmations in your body as you are repeating these statements place your hand over your heart then throughout your daily routine anytime you feel you need some positive reinforcement just place your hand over your heart again this will trigger your mind to remember your affirmations you might recall your affirmations in an exact way consciously by doing this or it might happen on a subconscious level but your mind will immediately remember the statements and the feeling states that go with that as you do this just silently repeat to yourself all of my intentions are manifesting

now do this for a few moments and then just move on with your day when you feel you have Rise entered you get to create your own truth and therefore your own power this process will assist you in moving from the concept of an affirmation into convincing your mind of actual truths that it already accepts and a physical embodiment of the state of being that you are aiming to achieve this is a language that is not only understood by your mind but also by the universe and when you practice this affirmation technique with consistency you breathe a deeper energy of truth into what you want belief combined with emotion delivers incredible manifested results and by adding truth and emotion to your affirmations you are essentially adding energy to them that in turn will manifest

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