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sixer movie download on tamilrockers

Sixer is an Indian Tamil entertainment drama-comedy film written and directed by Chachi. Chachi is a debut director making his first film. The main cast of the movie is Vaibhav Reddy and Pallak Lalwani, Sathish and Radha Ravi playing a supporting role in this sixer movie. 

The Main Story Line of the Sixer Movie

If you watched the trailer then you must guess what is the story. The story of the sixer movie is based on a person who has night blindness, and he faces some difficulties in routine and love because of this blindness condition.

sixer movie download on tamilrockers

The storyline is inspired by the famous comedy portion of goundamani in the movie of Chinna Thambi. In that film, goundamani has a problem with night blindness and he cant see after 6 P.M. Then goundamani reveals his problem after his marriage when a compulsory situation arises. This makes wonderful comedy script in the movie. The sixer movie also using the same comedy script to the Whole movie, I hope this will work in today’s film generation.

Sneak Peak of the Sixer movie

Before releasing the movie the great comedy actor goundamani who is played the original blind man character in the movie objection to release the movie. What is says about his objection“I have watched the trailer in the youtube and I shocked that the dialogue is used in degrading manner, and the dialogue used in malicious and scandalous. using my name and photograph without proper my consent.”

In this regard, the legal notice is leaked by his advocate that, “Today, when our client saw the trailer of the film Sixer released via YouTube, our client noticed the way his picture has been used and the abusive dialogues are being spoken. This communication was highly malicious and malicious and caused serious discrepancies to our client’s proper name, reputation, and reputation. Using our client’s name, repeating and reiterating his communications without his consent is nothing but a violation of personal rights and freedoms other than copyright.”

sixer movie download tamilrockers

Sixer Movie Full Details Cost and Crew

Directed by Chachi
Produced by R. Dinesh Kannan, sridhar
Written By Chachi
Screenplay By Chachi
Starring Vaibhav Reddy, Pallak Lalwani, Radha Ravi, Sathish
Music by M. Ghibran
Cinematography P. G. Muthiah
Edited by Jomin
Production company Trident Arts, Wallmate Entertainment
Release date 30 August 2019
Country India
Language Tamil
sixer movie download tamilrockers

Sixer Movie Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The directors of comedy films are decreasing in Tamil cinema. Many people are interested in making action films. No wonder, then, that the newcomers did comedy as their first film. The film’s director Saatchi surprised her debut film with a comedy.

He does not think much about the film’s story. At 6 in the morning, the upper hero does not eye to eye. Evening eye disease. He falls in love with a woman working on TV. He hides the woman about his vision problem and falls in love with her and gets married. The film’s story is about how the villain deals with a problem.

Vaibhav is the comedy hero of the film. Vaibhav has proved his comedy in this film. Girlfriend Balak hides Lalwani about his eye problem. He deals with the problems that come with it.

Balak Lalwani as the heroine. He is a TV reporter. Initially he is not concerned with speech and expression. He manages to go to some extent.

Satish is also in the film, as always, the protagonist’s friend is a comedian. He does comedy from time to time. Nowadays comedy actors come into the film as the second hero.

Two of the most prominent are the realistic performances in the film. Vaibhav’s father is Rajkumar, mother is Srirangani. Youngsters wonder how much better their parents will be during this time. They are loving parents to that extent.

Radhavi as the heroine’s father. She plays an interesting character. RNR Manohar as the villain, the same regular villain who appeared in many films in Tamil cinema. Cheetah-wa Ramar, who kills. But he runs away when he sees Vaibhav.

The songs are not as impressive in Jibran’s music. The film is not technically commendable.

Exactly 6 o’clock but the vision says no. Not sure what the whole day will be like. In this film, he kept watching logic, if not comedy. Without great expectation, you can laugh a little bit.

sixer movie download tamilrockers

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