Russian Ammo Dump Explosion Watch Full Video

Russian Ammo Dump Explosion Watch Full Video

Russian Ammo Dump Explosion Watch Full Video Aug. 5, 2019: Thousands of people have been evacuated from the Siberian city following a fire at the ammunition depot at the military base, triggering a massive explosion that sent deadly shrapnel flying for nearby miles.

Russia Explosion Today | russian ammunition depot explosion

One soldier was killed and at least seven others were injured, including shrapnel. According to media reports of the Russian state, the lesion is shown in the video posted on social media.

Russian ammo dump explosion Aug. 5, 2019

Strong smoke is rising at the army base and visible shocks are rising with sharp explosions. Some blasts flew high flames and white sparks into the air. A 40,000 tanks and artillery shells are housed in the Siberian city of Achin, near the Trans-Siberian Railroad, located 2,000 miles east of Moscow.

Russia explosion Watch Full Video

The Russian Defense Ministry said. The explosion occurred at the storage site that used to repeatedly charge artillery shells for Russians. State media speculated that 11,000 people have been evacuated from the base of 12.5 miles. The Mayor of Achin, Eyal Akhmetov, has asked 100,000 residents of the city to prepare for evacuation.

Explosion in russia 2019 

Video from the city has been shown as an explosion by locals and an air-head can be heard. It is not clear what caused the blasts, although backward safety precautions led to similar accidents in Siberia in the past Are.

It has come under the jungle fire. Made from hot water temperature and lack of rain. Unexplored shells can be flown for miles around ammunition, requiring a significant clean-up effort to clean up the residential areas before locals return. R homes

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