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The Motiv for creating this Website PUBG Name Generator to provide some of the Best PUBG Names, Cool PUBG Clan Names, PUBG Crew Name Generator, and Trending Stylish Killer Names for PUBG Mobile Game. 

Selecting a Memorable Stylish PUBG Name is very Boring and Tedious process, here we made an easy method to find and choose wonderful usernames for PUBG Mobile using this PUBG Name Generator Tool is Completely free. Thinking a Best Pubg Name is not easy and hypothetical to takes Better Names. 

pubg name generator create best pubg names

As we know these days PUBG Game is very trending and Somehow we can see the kids and youngsters are very addictive to this PUBG games. The craziest fans are increasing day by day for this awesome Game. 

Even most of the PUBG players are searching for Best Names for their PUBG mobile. Because a gamer likes to take some interesting and trending Usernames for their profile. and this what exactly we are going to guide in this Website. 

Just Click on the Generate PUBG Name button to get Unlimited Random Stylish Names, select copy and past it in your PUBG Game name section.

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What is PUBG?

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by South Korean Video Game Company Bluehole’s subsidiary company PUBG Corporation. This Game is Inspired by Japanese film “Battle Royale” which is released in the year of 2000 and expanded into a standalone game under Greene’s Creative Direction.

The concept of the game is, 100 players land in an island with the help of a parachute and scavenge for weapons and equipment, they have to fight with all the players, avoid killed themselves and kill them all to survive till last. The last man who standing the game is the winner and he gets chicken dinner and related reward.

Let’s know some unknown interesting facts about PUBG Multiplayer Game.

There is over million’s of players playing this game every day and its catching more fans and growing day by day, there are lots of interesting facts about PUBG is there and we make a list of some of these.

1. Did you know? the PUBG game is firstly introduced for PC’s, now the Mobile players are more than the Players who are playing on the computer.

2. You may know that Air Drops are usually taken place at the center of Safe Zone, the airdrop carries many weapons or game items.

3. There are 227 million players who play monthly and 87 million peoples play its daily. There are 200 million registered players in PUBG mobile.

4. When we talking about Downloads, It’s downloaded from play store more than 100 million installs. In product, the item is available from ₹ 39.00 – ₹ 16,300.00 per item.

5. The name behind “Erangel”, The name of Erangel Map has come from (Eryn+Angel=Erangel) where Eryn is the name of Brendan Greene’s (PUBG Creator) Daughter.

6. PUBG mobile game is the only mobile game that telecasted its ads on Indian television to reach more popular, but now its gone fire and no need advertisements.

7. The words contain Player Unknown is a Gaming name of the founder of Brendan Greene, this word comes first in the PUBG name ‘players unknown battleground’.

8. As per December 2018, the percentage of PUBG mobile players in India is 8%, from the US is 11% and from China is 33%. Comparing to all the country China has the largest number of PUBG players in the world.

pubg name generator create best pubg names

How did the PUBG Game become so popular?

The first thing is User Experience, and mobile-friendly that’s the main reason PUBG Game gone popular day by day. PUBG “Players Unknown Battle Ground” was firstly launched in December 2017 but it became more popular after April-May 2018.

Eve in India its gone viral and popular in less time. Did you know the Rap song is made by Indian rappers upon a PUBG Game and Jay PUBG DJ mix? Many of the Indian states take action to Ban this Game for the reason they believe it addicts to kids and youngsters. 

Here are some factors why PUBG is Popular:

PUBG has High graphics and Visuals – The mobile version of PUBG not compromising comparing to pc version games in Graphics and quality. It has good and high graphics, perfect gameplay controls and extraordinary visuals. When you playing this game you will feel the real war field.

Fast Internet- Now nearly all the networks are giving free and cheap internet, users get a minimum of 1 GB of data in a day and its enough to play this Game. Every kid has a smartphone in their had and crazy about playing PUBG all day. 

Completely free – The pc version of PUBG game was paid but they make available this game free on Playstore, Anyone can visit to play store and download the PUBG game. The only thing you need is a Smartphone and an Internet connection to rock and roll to PUBG.

The squad makes Discussions – You can play the game with your 3 friends, 4 peoples can jointly play the game by making a group or clan and can talk live to other members through online in PUBG Game.  

Trending –  everyone is talking about PUBG, someone making praising about the game and some people talking about the negative impact about the PUBG. But still its the best and top playing games in the world.

How do You Play PUBG?

There are two modes in PUBG, one is Arcade mode and another one is Classic mode.

Classic mode contains Four types of PUBG maps, the name is Shanhok, Miramar, Erangel and zombie mode, which map you want to play you can play it.

In arcade mode, you can play any different type of mission or mode available to play,

In the classic mode, you have to face with 100 players and this mission will run up to 30 minutes, IF you win the game you will get chicken dinner and other medals,

You can get lots of loots and a plethora of clothes, guns, health kit, and some more useful gadgets, you can get bullets and new guns for fire.

during the game, you, can discuss with your friends and direct them to achieve the target. You can also save the life of your teammates you are playing with your clans

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