Pewdiepie VS T-Series *Live* Subscriber Count.

who has more subscribers pewdiepie vs t-series? Let’s know a few things about Pewdiepiie VS T-Series and pewdiepie vs t-series live subscriber count. Working with a competitor is actually the best way to achieve a common business goal. So Instead of pewdiepie raging war on T-series, maybe he should actually be teaming up with them. So what if pewdiepie teamed up with t-series? That’s the question we’re asking today on life’s biggest questions. And yes this truly is one of life’s biggest questions.

pewdiepie vs t-series live subscriber count

Welcome back to Myinfomaniy, Pewdiepie versus t-series live sub count is one of the biggest feuds in youtube’s history. Pretty much Everyone knows that T-series and pewdiepie are battling it out for the most subscribed youtube channel. And if you didn’t you’re clearly living under a very large mossy rock. Everyone worried about who will prevail, pewdiepie or t series. But has anyone ever thought of what would happen if pewdiepie collaborated with T series?

No, you haven’t, I know this because I literally found no information on it. not even a Reddit thread. (t-series vs pewdiepie sub count) Let me explain my thought process. It’s no secret that collaborations on youtube are a surefire way to gain subscribers on youtube. pewdiepie vs t-series live subscriber count if you’re a smaller youtuber, you should create a video with another youtuber and cross-promote channels. If the other youtuber’s subscribers like you, they will probably subscribe to your channel as well. Pewdiepie doesn’t do collabs often, but when he does, it’s a youtuber that’s either his friend or someone that’s on his level.

T Series chance to race away from PewDiePie and reach 100,000,000 subscribers first.

So as a quick recap, PewDiePie retook the lead in the subscriber race thanks to his Congratulations. Diss track which now has over 80 million views. That happened on April the 1st, pushed PewDiePie a few hundred thousand subscribers ahead and then T-Series slowly clawed that back.

But that difference accelerated over the weekend when T-Series was about 50 thousand subscribers behind, and then in 24 hours, they got to 80 thousand subscribers ahead. A pretty significant difference, especially in T-Series’ favor. And what can we accredit this sudden influx of subscribers to? Put simply, it’s viewed.

T-Series had 120 million views on Sunday alone. We can source a lot of that success back to this Pepsi-backed T-Series video that has 70 million views. And thanks to the legendary vidIQ scorecard.Likee App Download

Anything PewDiePie can do, T-Series can do more frequently and with a lot more resources. And going back to what I said in a previous video, T-Series is absolutely terrible at converting views into subscribers. 120 million views, a quarter of a million subscribers. (blowing raspberry) But ultimately for this subscriber race that doesn’t matter.

T-Series is back in the lead with close to 95 million subscribers each. 5 million to go. And with all that being said, I’ve got further dollops of bad news for Team PewDiePie. On the 19th of April, the subscriber race may turn simply into a procession. As popular American rap artist Pitbull, otherwise known as Mr. Worldwide, can you tell I’ve never heard of this person before?

Will launch some form of collaboration that does involve T-Series. If a Western music artist with over 25 million Twitter followers is putting his weight behind T-Series, who knows how many subscribers this could potentially bring in via a You-Tube tie-in video. 

now things have turned legal, PewDiePie’s diss tracks have irritated T-Series enough for the case to go to court. With those videos no longer viewable in India. Is this just the start of potential legal wranglings between the two? Now of course, as we all know you write off PewDiePie in the subscriber race at your peril. But for six months he was the one being chased and now the roles have reversed, the pendulum has swung. PewDiePie has to chase T-Series down to 100 million subscribers. Everything seems to be flowing in one direction. But you know who we haven’t heard from for a while?

T-series vs pewdiepie live

Considering the fact that t series is almost neck and neck with pewdiepie in subscriber count, a collaboration between the two of these channels would be an excellent way for pewdiepie to reach a new, untapped fanbase. Most of T series subscribers are from India. T series, is, after all, an Indian record label and production company. T series already gets more views than pewdiepie, averaging at about 93 million views a day. Even though pewdiepie has more subscribers, his daily view average is 9 million views per day.Likee App Download

pewdiepie vs t series live subscriber count: This is obviously nothing to sniff at 9 million views a day is a pretty impressive amount. But 93 million views a day? Yeah that’s obscenely good, and it’s likely because India has a population of 1.3 billion, and Bollywood is their music and movie genre of choice. Guess where they are finding it? T series. But If pewdiepie teamed up with t series, there’s no doubt in my mind that his subscriber count will exceed 100 million. The Chinese general and military strategist Sun Tsu wrote in the art of war, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

A famous example of this practice in business was when Microsoft and Apple worked closely together in the early days of the computer business. Without a 150 million dollar investment from Microsoft, Apple probably wouldn’t exist today. There is an important reason why you should keep your enemies close. And that reason is, you can learn from people you dislike. You learn some valuable lessons from people you’re competing with because they are your competition, they aren’t someone sitting on the sidelines observing. They probably have different tactics and knowledge about a common interest. Pewdiepie could learn a thing or two from the T series.

Who has more subscribers pewdiepie vs t-series

Like how to get 93 million views a day. So what would a potential collaboration between pewdiepie and t series look like? Considering the fact that T series mostly puts out Bollywood music videos and movies, I can picture pewdiepie doing some sort of Bollywood-esque version of bitch lasagne on their channel. Or he could appear in a Bollywood movie wearing a sub to pewdiepie shirt. Or another way pewdiepie can collaborate with t series is by becoming one of their sponsors. T series could incorporate a pewdiepie ad into one of their videos. And here’s another thought..what if pewdiepie and t series decided to team up entirely and make one superchannel called P series. It would no longer be a battle between creator and corporation.

Final Battle of pewdiepie vs t-series live subscriber count.

The channel could be on the T series network of channels, and it would feature pewdiepie reviewing Bollywood music videos. Bad idea? Okay. Yeah, you’re probably right. But you have to admit, everyone is so preoccupied with pewdiepie vs t series, no one has even bothered to think about what would happen if pewdiepie and t series lined up. Of course, there’s disadvantages to pewdiepie teaming up with t series. It will also help t-series gain more subscribers while simultaneously helping pewdiepie gain subscribers. And it’s probably pretty likely that pewdiepie fans will be unhappy about the fact that pewdiepie collaborated with t series after such a long online feud. Many would see collaboration as pewdiepie selling out.

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