Jio Group Talk Conference App, How to Download and Use Jio Group Talk Application.

jio group talk app download

Great news for JIO Sim users..! Jio launched group talk app, now you can able to talk with multiple members a by single call, make multiple calls in a single time by using this app. It’s easy to make a conference call by using this jio group talk app. To know more interesting Things on This New Jio Group Talk App Read the complete article. Here we are sharing What is Jio Group Talk App, How to Download Jio Group Talk app and How to use Jio Group Talk App in Your Android Mobile.

In India Reliance Industries already made a strong foundation in the telecommunication sector by introducing JIO. After 2 years of journey, jio subscribers are increasing day to day by providing amazing offers. Few days before reliance JIO lanched Jio Motive App with the help of we can track our vehicles online and watch the traffic, navigation, and location, it really helpful for traveling. and after they launched Jio Rail Application that we can book train online by using this app. Now Reliance industries LTD again give us an amazing application named Jio Group Talk App. Today we will discuss everything about this app. just stay tuned.

jio group talk app download

What is Jio group talk Application?

You can get an idea by hearing the name of the app “Jio Group Talk” which means you can talk to your multiple friends in the same call by creating a group for calling and chatting. When you talking to someone in Jio Group Talk App, at the same time you can talk to the second call also. You can continue the two calls in conference same time, It offers you to put multiple calls in a single time, So now you can talk to your all friends in a single call. And also you can make group chatting and create multiple groups for the call.

This is not the end, in this Jio Group Talk app, few more useful features are added along with the conference call, such as schedule conference, Mute calls in a group calling and take other numbers beside the conference. Now the voice calling features are available but Jio will soon make it available for video calling also. I hope you will understand about jio group talk calling app, let’s move on to the next topic.

How to Download Jio Group Talk App?

Jio group talk is available for download in Android and also in IOS, Go to Google play store for android users and go App store for IOS. You can easily able to download the app from play stores online. You can download the Jio Group Talk App by Clicking Following Download Button.

How to use Jio Group Talk App

Using the Jio Group Talk app is easy, anyone can use it easily and user-friendly, but I can tell you step by step that how to use Jio Group Talk App in your mobile.

1. First, you need to download the Jio Group Talk App from the play store or Just click the Download button given Above download section and Install in your mobile.

2. In the beginning, you will be asked to allow permission, so just accept all permission to continue.

3. Now you have to register to access this Application, Fill your name and number with the help of OTP to verify your mobile number.

4. Here you will find 3 tabs recent, groups, and contacts. You can use any of the options which you want. In the recent tab, there are two options available one is a new conference call and scheduled conference. 

5. To make a group call click on the new conference call and select the group you want, If you don’t have a group then you can create a new group from the contact. Maximum 10 members you can add in a group.

5. Click on call button in your group the calling will begin, the calls will be connected, at any time you can disconnect the call of a particular person,  even you can block and delete any member in your group. 

6. You can mute any person you want between the conversation, So this is all the great feature of Jio Group Talk App. Make Conference call on HD quality with your native dialer. 

Jio Group Talk App features.

  • You can make group calls on a single tap from your Jio Group Talk App. connecting conference call one by one is time taking and older method in our mobile and this system are overcome and bring permanent solution by Jio Group Talk.
  • Easily create and manage your groups, Like the family group, friends group, college group and so on. You can change your group name and upload group images, It gives complete control to you for the purpose of manage group activity.
  • view recent calls history, know when you made a call to whom and when the time also.
  • make quick group calls to multiple contacts it saves lots of time and bring you the enjoyment to conference your communication at a different place. This is the great app or friends living in a different location.
  • Add, Remove, Mute participants during a group call, this gives you the complete access to control your group. between the call, you can disconnect any person, remove and mute.
  • Create and Manage group conference calls for up to 10 members, the maximum limit is only 10 but its enough to carry conference online and it will be upgraded near in future.
  • No need to add users one by one. Select multiple contacts in one Go, HD Calling support to enable high-quality HD Conference calls, Send conference invitation to all selected participants in one click and manage them during the conference.

Final Words.

If you one of making conference calls most of the time then this Jio Group Talk App is a Great Platform to you, Jio made this massive powerful app fro jio users. In my belief, this is very useful for me and comment on your opinion, what you think about this App by Jio.  Thanks for reading Jio group talk app and how to download and use Jio group talk app.

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