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How to Earn Money with Bitcoin?

How to Earn Money with Bitcoin

If you say simple language, you can get bitcoins in 2-3 ways. The simple way is that you buy a Bitcoin Directly for $ 656, then when its rate is high then sell it, then you can earn a lot of money from it.

Suppose you have taken a bitcoin of 656 $, then it is priced in a few days 756 $, then at that time you can sell it, you will get a profit of 100 $ directly. And about 10000 Indian rupees is about 6700

Sell ​​Your Bitcoin at hingher price: –

The second way is if you sell something to someone, then take a bit coin instead, in such a way, a bit coin will come in your online account and in the same way when its rate is high, then sell it. These are two ways to get simply bitcoin and earn more money than that, but the third way is that you can earn bitcoins without selling goods or buying bitcoins.

What is Bitcoin Mining and How to use it: –

To earn bitcoins we need a computer with very good processor whose hardware is very good. Now how to earn bitcoin. As I told you, bitcoin is used for online payment. When someone makes a payment with bitcoin, there is a problem of some maths that have to be solved to Verify that payment. 

And to solve the problem of maths, a very good computer is needed which can quickly solve the problem of those maths. If your computer is so powerful that it can solve the problem of vomit, then you can get some bitcoins as commission. This is called bitcoin mining. And by doing this ham can earn bitcoins but this method is a bit difficult.

As you can see in the photo. This computer which is used for mining bitcoins. And this computer is very demanding and uses power a lot.

How to buy bitcoin online easy way

To buy bitcoins you will need an exchange where you can take bitcoins in exchange for your currency. There are some exchanges in India from where you can buy bitcoins like


With the help of these exchanges, you can buy bitcoins from them very easily, for this you just need to sign up and bitcoin will come in your account as soon as you make a payment.

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