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After the DIGITAL INDIA scheme is introduced in India the payment system is also growing fastly, and here the google pay plays an extraordinary role in this process. It’s easy to send and receive money from Google Pay App. But there are some problems during the transaction. Still, there is no need to worry because you can solve your problem by contacting Google Pay customer service Number. Google has made online chatting and email, toll-free calls easy. In this article, we will tell you about the Google Pay Complaint Service. Also, you will also find some common issues resolved. Let’s start with a few common problems

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Google Pay Customer Service Phone Number 24/7

When you use Google Pay, there are many issues that you may want to know about customer service requirements. If you have an active app or have some transaction problems, contact the Google Pay Customer Service Center immediately and get the solution. Here are some common issues here-

  • Send money from your account but not credited to receivers account.
  • There may be a problem while sending or receiving money.
  • Problems with registration process on the Google Pay app.
  • Difficult to change the password of the UPI pin.
  • Your bank does not appear in the Google Pay app.
  • Your Payment is not complete or failed during the transaction.

Google Pay Customer Care Number Toll-Free

On any such issue, you can get help from Google Customer Care Service. Now the Google Pay has provided many ways to contact them. But there are many problems that you can handle. The first thing that comes to contact with customer care on Google pay (fast) customer service There are several ways to sneak such as Google pay customer care number toll-free, Google pay customer care E-Mail Id, Chatting with google pay customer executive on the App and The forums. Now all this way, explain by explaining one by one.

Google pay (Tez) Customer Care toll-free Number. 

The first thing you can do while facing the problem on Google Pay App. Google payphone service to use toll-free helpline number is free. Google Pay has left two types of helpline numbers. For those registered with Google Pay, for a mobile number and for another number who have not yet registered with Google Pay. Both the numbers are free and available for all days. (24 * 7).

Google Pay for registered users – 1800 41 9 157

 Non-registered people on Google – 1800 2582 554

Google pay ( Tez) customer care number {24×7} Toll-free

  • 6297249489
  • 8420366252

The advantage of making a direct call to Google customer service is that your problems can be resolved quickly and you can do all the questions at once. But in such a way many times have to wait.

Make a Request to Call-back contacts.

Use this method if you do not want to wait for your number after making a Google pay helpline. This way Google requests a request from the application. After that, you have to call for a short time. You can find a solution in this call by telling customer service about your problems. Please follow the process below to call Google’s customer service.

Call back the Google Pay (Tz) customer service request

  • Open the Google pay app and go to Settings
  • Come down and tap the ‘Complaints and Notifications’ link.
  • Below you see two buttons. One of the buttons will be ‘Contacts’. Tap on it.
  • Enter a form, enter your name, country and mobile number in it. Write down your problem in a few words. However, if you want, you can submit the form without writing a problem.
  • After you submit the form, you will receive a call from Google Pay Customer Service Center. Sometimes it may take a few hours to reach the phone. So be patient.

Chat with Google Pay Customer care Online.

You can also keep your problem through Google’s front-facing chat. This method is best for people who engage in your work because you do not have to spend a different time. The chat feature is always available. The method is given below.

  • Open the Google app and tap the upper right and three dots. Tap on the setting in the menu that opens.
  • Tap on the ‘Help & Notifications’ link to come down to the new page
  • The next page has two buttons at the bottom. From this, tap on ‘Contacts’.
  • You will see the ‘Chat’ option in the ‘Contact Us‘ section on the next page. Tap on it.
  • Say your problem in a few words and tap on submit
  • You may have to wait for a chat, so be patient.

Sometimes you do not even have a chat option. This will happen when the waiting period of the chat is very high. If so, then try again for a while.

Get help from the google forum

There is also a forum for Google Pay (Fast). In this forum, you can write your own problem. There are lots of experts in this forum who answer your questions. Follow the steps below for this.

  • Visit the Google Pay Forum, before you go to the forum, you must log in to your Google account.
  • Find the solution to your problem See if your question is not already answered. Google Pay Forum
  • Tap on ‘New Topic’ to ask for rows. Name your question and write a question. You can also choose to type your question.
  • After writing the question, make ‘Post’. Experts get the answer to the question according to their convenience.

You can find solutions to many issues with the Google Pay API because small technical issues are causing problems.

A. Does not get mobile number verification

This is a common problem. Mobile number is not verified during Google Pay Registration. And without that, you can not go ahead. Sometimes the server’s does not send an SMS to your handset Or sometimes OTP does not reach your mobile. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

  • First of all, check that you do not have money to send an SMS to your mobile. SMS sent to the user is normal and its charges are also normal. SMS charge is dependent on your plan.
  • See if your internet is running once. You can open another website for that Or search something in Google If there is a network problem, try changing the location. However, if there is a problem, keep your phone in airplane mode and then make it in normal mode.
  • If OTP is not coming, try retrieving again. However, if you have any problems, close the app on Google and re-open it. It will be good once the phone is restarted. Sometimes the ‘cache’ removal also becomes one thing.
  • If you do not do anything, contact Customer Care on Google

B. Difficulty to send or receive money

With Google Pay’s fast mode, you can easily send money to the other person. But sometimes there is a problem. As this method uses specific sound signals, it does not work in confusing places.

  • Then try to go to a quiet place. If a cover is protected in the phone, remove it. Sometimes it is also a barrier.
  • See also if there is money in the account. Because without money cannot be transferred.
  • If the bank gives its details, then it is not possible to make a mistake. If there is a gap between numbers then there is also a problem.
  • Perhaps you have exceeded the daily limit for transferring money from your UPIs. You can only send money through UPI only 20 times a day.
  • However, if you have concerns, contact Google Customer Care.

C. Delay in getting an award

Do not worry if you’ve done any transaction but still have not got a scratch card. Firstly check whether your transaction is eligible for the scratch card or not. Let us know that scratch card is not available if you send money to other app users. It’s good to read all the details going to the offer page.

If you think there is a delay in awarding a prize then contact customer services.

Final words. 

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