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Bigg Boss 3 Wild Card Entry Tamil.

Bigg Boss 3 Wild Card Entry Tamil.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for this Bigg Boss Season 3 to be some wildcard entry.

Who will come and when this type of thing is going home, somehow. Today the promo of Bigg goss released.

The first promo release of that kind of episode has been released, and there is no other actress Kasturi this season to the wild card entry.

Bigg Boss 3 Wild Card Entry Tamil.

As always, wildcard Entry is a terrific welcome to dance and come in. It is all the same, but this time this will be like different. Bigg boss announces the housemate that they have one gift box.

And all the housemates running and finding the box in the house. At once losliya shouting here is the gift box in the living room. 

All the housemates wander around the box and try to open them. finally sandy opens the box and kasthuri have come from the box. 

all the house mates shocking and enjoying the moment. Everyone welcome to kasthuri and hug her. Kasthuri first said hai to Kavin and talking to Sakshi that “I want to ask a question to you”. 

In addition to the fact that he once said in an interview that he does not like sandy, he is expected to have a controversy.

Kasturi addresses House Mats. At that, Cheran tells him that Vanitha and Meera are out so far. Soon you ask him if you know him, or you have spent a lot of time here.

After all, you come here for a reason? What is it? He asks. Darshan said, ‘People want to see me’. Sherin then said, ‘I have come for Darshan.’

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