Bharat Bandh on 5-March-2019, All India Strike.

Bharat Bandh on 5-March-2019, All India Strike.

Dalit and tribal communities have declared Bharat bandh on March 5 in many states of India. According to the information, tribals will lead a peaceful movement in Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and other states. North-east The people have declared a ban against the Supreme Court’s decision to illegally remove over 10 lakh, local people. Explain that these people have claimed their land under the Scheduled Tribes and other traditional forest dwellers (Forest Rights Identity) Act, which is rejected by the Supreme Court.

5 March 2019 Bharat Bandh

on February 13, the Supreme Court had ordered the removal of more than a million tribals and other traditional forests from the forest from the wild in 16 Indian states. This step was taken after the failure of the Central Government to protect the law. The order was issued on February 20.

According to the Supreme Court order, more than one million tribals will be homeless from their homes in many states. The apex court ordered this order after hearing the petition challenging the Forest Rights Act. Actually, a group of wildlife activists had filed a petition in which they had demanded that state governments should reject their claims on traditional forest land.

5-March-2019, All India Strike.

Due to the failure to protect the rights of Dalits and tribals in the Supreme Court of India, these people are angry with the Modi government. These tribals demanded that the Center should bring an immediate ordinance to protect their rights. Dalit and tribal worker Ashok Bharti said that the demand for forest-dependent communities will stop their closure when they meet.

In order to reach the center and to support the movement, there has been a close call at the local level in the tribal-dominated state. The use of social media like Twitter, Facebook, has been used to spread the message to more and more people in India. Importantly, people from Dalit and tribal communities across the country will be on the road on March 5 along with their demands.

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